Monday, February 20, 2017

Health Update

Last Thursday was a stressful day.  It was the first time ever, I think, that Chico had to spend the day by himself.  As I drove to work I kept thinking that I should have taken the day off to stay with him. I'm glad I went to work after all though, it helped keep my mind occupied.

I dropped Shiver off at the vet's office for a day of tests.  They were supposed to check for Cushings but after doing a blood panel, they decided not to test for that after all.  The vet could feel his enlarged liver and his liver levels were off the chart.  Everything else seemed to look pretty good.  He still has the raging heart murmur; he's doing as well as can be expected with the medication though.  The vet thinks the liver problems are related to the heart problems.  She suggested I could get an ultrasound to see if there might be another cause.  

He came home with two new medications so he's on a total of four now.  These meds are very expensive and I'm not sure how much longer I can afford them.  I'm just really grateful he's already doing better with the new meds and am determined to find a way to make sure he can continue with them for as long as possible.    

Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Monday

Shiver's Cushings test appointment is this coming Thursday.  He has to stay at the vet's office all day and it'll cost about $250.00.  I'm very nervous about this appointment for several reasons and hoping that he won't actually have the disease.  Please keep him in your prayers.
My life is boring so I'm answering questions this week.  

1.  Curtains or blinds?

A combination of both!  I like how it makes the room darker at night when they're closed.  I also like that you can control the amount of light coming in with the blinds, depending on how much you open them up. 

2.  If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?  

I thought I might like to be a lobbyist.  I wanted to lobby on behalf of those who can't stand up for themselves for whatever reason.  I really tried to get into lobbying after graduation and it just hasn't happened.  I've only had one interview for a lobbyist position and it didn't go well.  I've networked with lobbyists, asking them for advice. None really had much to offer, although all but one were really nice.  I've pretty much given up on that dream.

I wish I could work from home so that I could be with my boys all day everyday or that I could have some kind of successful business where I could bring Shiver and Chico with me.  I don't know what that would be though, maybe a pet bakery or something.  

3.  Describe your personality in five words or less.

Sometimes fun, sometimes not...

Vague and probably describes most people but I didn't know what else to say.

4.  Show and tell.  What comes to mind first when you see this picture?  Or tell a story if it reminds you of one.  
When I was in college, I took a biology lab.  It was awful and I'm still confused as to how I managed to pull off an A.  The only assignment that I actually enjoyed was to go to the aquarium and find an animal to write a report on.  I chose the seahorse!  Did you know that the males give birth to the babies?  This is just one of the interesting things I learned from that assignment.  

Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Madness

I've taken half a day off work today to attend a Women In Leadership day at our Statehouse to watch legislation in action.  I interned there when I was in college and absolutely loved it, so I'm looking forward to going back again.  Plus I get a free breakfast and lunch out of it, so there's that.  I don't really care for the state of politics today, but I still think it'll be a fun day.  A couple friends are supposed to be attending as well, so it'll be nice to catch up with them.  My job is literally within a block of the Statehouse so it'll be a quick walk there once the event ends.

I have exactly eight weeks left at my job, which means only four more paychecks.  Kinda freaking out that I now have to start looking for work again.  I *HATE* job hunting!  I'm hoping that the experience I'm gaining now will help me find a high paying job elsewhere.  It's not really what I want to do but sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

I'm hoping to be able to get Shiver into the vet this weekend for the tests to confirm whether or not he has Cushings.  I'm really hoping and praying he doesn't have it.  He had barely been eating anything for awhile there and got so thin.  I've been feeding him green beans, yogurt, and tuna here and there just for the extra calories and he seems to slowly be putting some weight back on.

Most of our snow has melted from the rain this past weekend.  Now the back yard is flooding.  The front yard isn't though, because the driveway is kind of on a downward angle.  I forgot I actually had grass since it's been covered in snow for so long!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Random Notes

  • I just found out my contract has been extended through March 31st at my job.  I'm extremely grateful since it was supposed to originally end December 31st.  My friend works there too and her email said that her contract may be extended beyond March 31st.  My email didn't say that.  Still, I'm just grateful to know I'll be working for a little while longer.
  • Shiver is doing OK.  He still breathes heavily sometimes, although not as often as he was before .  I was supposed to bring him back this week to run some tests but my paycheck was short and I can't afford it so it'll have to wait until next payday.  The higher dosage of meds seem to be helping more, even though he's still not 100% normal.  
  • It was suggested by a couple of people that I create a Go Fund Me for Shiver.  I did that for Chico and feel bad about doing it again for Shiver.  It's hard to admit you need help.  I'll wait until we see the vet first and find out what treatment options are available, then think about it some more.  I hate not being able to afford to get him the care he so desperately needs.
  • So one of my two New Year's Resolutions is to pay forward some of the kindnesses that have been bestowed upon me in recent years. Does anyone have any ideas on fun and/or unique things that I can do? I'm looking for suggestions beyond opening the door for someone or buying a coffee for the person in line behind me. Please keep in mind that I'm credit card and student loan poor so I can't do anything too extravagant.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Shiver Health Update

Last week Chico kept me up all night wheezing and sneezing and breathing snot bubbles.  Benadryl just wasn't cutting it, so I made an appointment for the vet the next morning.  I figured I might as well make an appointment for Shiver at the same time.
Chico's part of the appointment was over in a matter a few minutes.  He apparently has a cold and is on antibiotics. He's doing much better now, thankfully.  The steroid is still working and keeping those nasty cancer sores away.  He goes back in a couple of weeks for a checkup.
Shiver never seemed to 100% fully recover from his seizure or whatever it was that happened to him in mid November.  He got really close though and everything seemed fine for a few weeks.  He stopped the medication and started going downhill so he went back on it.  He seemed better over the next few weeks and all was well.  Only he started breathing heavily again and ate very little.  He used to be such a big eater, so this was particularly concerning.

The vet now thinks in addition to the heart failure, Shiver probably also has Cushings disease and diabetes.  He says we need to treat the heart failure first, because he won't have any chance if we don't get that under control.  He's on a much higher dosage of medication and we're giving it time to work.  We go back in a few weeks and will run some very expensive tests.  Once we have better answers, we'll talk about realistic treatment options.

I have no idea how I'm going to pay for any of this.  My job will be ending soon.  I make a decent wage, but I can barely cover the bills.  My credit card is maxed out.  Everytime I make a payment on it, it seems like something else happens and I have to use it again.  I'm literally drowning in debt.

Shiver is a fighter though.  I know that and I know that he's not ready to go yet.  So I'm praying for a miracle that everything will be OK.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Thank you, Chewy, and Snowpocalypse 2017

I got the nicest surprise this past Thursday!  I came home to a Chewy box sitting on my front steps.  It seemed odd since I hadn't ordered anything recently, so I didn't know what to expect.  

Opening the box, I fully anticipated either a toy or a bag of treats for the boys.  I was delighted to discover two bottles of champagne and glasses to go with them!  I love the glasses -- they're nice and thick, with the Chewy logo printed on them.  I toasted Chewy as I drank the first bottle.  The second bottle will be saved for a special occasion.

Thank you, Chewy!  This was a wonderful surprise!

Snowpocalype 2017 is upon us and I'm absolutely hating it.  This was a record-breaking year for snow.  We haven't had this much in 35 years.  
My neighbor and I shared a driveway and he always took care of it, plus the sidewalk in front of our houses.  I didn't even have a shovel!  My neighbor passed away a few months ago and no one lives there now.  I've tried to keep on top of it and it's just been miserable.  The snow is endless and just keeps coming.  A friend has more than one shovel and has been kind enough to lend me one of hers until I can get one.  This is the view from my front steps.

The snow is taller than my chi's.  I've gotten my car stuck in it more times than I care to admit.  Fortunately, someone has always been kind enough to stop and help shovel me out.  The picture below is of my neighbor's house.  Look at those icicles!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December Chewy Review

I meant to post this last week, but life and laziness got in the way.  Mostly laziness...

As always, there were lots of good treats to choose from and the boys had lots of deliberation.  They love and knew they'd be happy with just about any of the options availabe.  They finally settled on Purina Pro Plan Savor Tender Strips.
They received a one pound bag to try.  As you can see, they're made with real lamb and sweet potato.  In fact, lamb is the very first ingredient on the list!  They smell kinda smoky and kinda remind me of bacon.
They're soft enough to easily break apart so are good for dogs who maybe don't have the bestest teeth.  Shiver and Chico would prefer a whole piece each, but I tear them in half and make them share.  I gave them a whole one the first time they taste tested and it was a bit big for them.

Chewy suggests using them while training.  Because they're so soft, I could easily see making one piece last during a training session - you could tear off a bit as you needed it.  

Each bag is only $5.80, although you could set up it for autoship for only $5.51 a bag.
Shiver likes Purina Pro Plan Savor Tender Strips.  Here's he's telling me he needs more.  I told him he needs to finish eating what he has first.

Shiver and Chico both give this four paws up, for a total of eight paws.

We were not compensated financially for this post, but were provided a free bag of treats in return for our honest opinions.

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