Monday, January 5, 2015

It's Only The 5th, And It's Already Been An Expensive Year!!!

Apparently this is the year that I'm supposed to be made of money.  Only someone neglected to mention this little fact to me, as I have none.  What little I did have is now loooooooooooong gone. 
So far this year, I paid to have someone come out to fix my heat.  You know your house is cold when you wake up to see your windows covered in ice -- on the inside!  The guy spent less than an hour fixing it, and charged me $80.  It's a small price to pay for warmth though.  My chi's and I were so cold!
I have a locksmith coming this morning to fix 3 doorknobs.  They all use the same key, and they've all been giving me problems for awhile now.  I can open the doors from the inside quite easily.  Opening from the outside is an entirely different matter!  I'm afraid if I don't get them fixed soon that I'll end up locked out one day. 
Tuesday, I'll be going to the dentist.  I bit down on something and lost a tooth!  I knew the tooth was bad, but not that bad!  Because it's right in the front, I need to get it fixed.  I graduate in May, and can't doing interviews while I'm toothless!  Thank God my mom said she'd pay for it.  I've not been to the dentist in a very long time, and am anticipating that this will be a very expensive visit.  The first appointment is just a consultation.
Because it's the first of the year, I also need to buy new city dog licenses.  Plus the boys need their nails clipped, which is worth every penny to pay someone else to take care of them.  I need to buy them dog food too. 
School starts next week, so I also need to buy school supplies and textbooks.  One class requires two textbooks, both of which are almost $200 each at the bookstore.  Fortunately, I can buy them online cheaper.  One class won't actually require any textbooks at all!  The professor provides all the reading material online for us, but the reading is extensive.  The first week, he wants us to read no less than 10 articles.  He also wants us to print them all out and bring them to class too.  So not gonna happen!!! 
Once I graduate in May, I have 6 months to find a job and start paying those hefty student loans back.  Which means my first payment will be in December.  Nice!  Nothing like having something cut into my Christmas funds once again!
Sometimes being an adult really sucks! 

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my word! Hopefully the rest of the year won't be to expensive
Lily & Edward

Sketching with Dogs said...

I love that all you need slogan at the bottom! What a nightmare for you. You are right though, being warm and safe in your home are 2 top priorities. That was so lucky your mum is paying for your dental treatment, what a shock that must have been. Hope you will the lottery this weekend - if I do I will send you the money :)
Lynne x

The Daily Pip said...

I feel your pain! We are having major plumbing problems. Ugh! Hoping this is it for both of us

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

You are SO close to your goal now.... it will all work out... and you will be sitting High and Dry and Warm and Happy...

SWMNBN said...

Oh ugh. I feel yah. I feel like I have been hemorrhaging money lately... and considering I will be underwater in law school student loan debt until the end of time, it's money I don't really have to spend.
I was at the dentist last week... and need two fillings. I don't have dental insurance so on top of the first visit (pocket book, ouch), this next one is going to be over $500!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

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