Monday, July 5, 2010

I Could Use A Nap

Friday, I left the house to run a few errands in the late afternoon.  I got home and there was a message on my answering machine.  I thought it was probably from one of my friends but it was actually from someone calling about a resume I'd submitted earlier in the week!  It was too late by that time to call back but she did say in the message that she was going to be sending me a link to a pre-employment test via email and asked if I could complete it and call her back so that we could "visit." 

I completed the test that evening.  There were two sections - the first part was basically just asking questions about if it was ok to sell illegal drugs or to steal from my employer or to get into a physical fight with a coworker if we were to have a disagreement.  That was easy enough!  The second part basically asked the same questions, only in a different way.  But then it also had some math problems too.  And I suck at math!  The instructions were to complete them as quickly as possible with no outside help, including the use of a calculator.  The first few problems were fairly easy but became more difficult as the test progressed.  Some of the problems included division of fractions and algrebra equasions.  Fortunately, they were mulitple choice so I just picked an answer at random for those and will just hope for the best!  My mom told me I should've used a calculator anyways.  Well, that wouldn't have helped - I have no idea how to convert the majority of fractions into whole numbers.  And don't even get me started on how to solve an algebra equasion!

My parents came home from their camping trip this past Saturday.  My mom asked if I could bring Sunshine and her beta fish (who I've dubbed Henry while they were away) when I came over on Sunday.  She said if I didn't want to, to let her know and she'd come get them that evening if I wanted to be rid of them sooner.  I didn't mind having them another day so I told her I'd bring them when I came for dinner on Sunday.

That same day, I got to looking at the plants I'd gotten from the Garden Tour last weekend.  The one I'd won had tiny little flies all around it.  The cone flower had a little bug wandering around in the dirt.  This just wouldn't do so I took them from the counter and put them outside.  I decided then and there to give them to my mom.  She'd know what to do with them.

Sunday evening I got the plants, fish and bird all loaded up and headed to my mom's house.  My parents don't live all that far from me, maybe 5 miles.  There aren't a lot of twists and turns and there isn't a speedway between here and there.  For some reason, I cannot ever seem to keep the water in Henry's tank!  No matter what I put his little tank in, it swishes everywhere and gets everything all wet.  I covered my seat with a plastic garbage bag thinking this might help keep it dry but it didn't. 

I got the bird and fish settled in the house and came back out to the car for the plants.  I knocked one of the plants down off the seat and made a huge mess on the floor.  I cleaned it up the best I could but all I could think of is that all those flies would be flying around in my car all night!  Because of where my car was parked, I couldn't bring a vacuum out to clean it up. 

When I got home, I immediately brought out the vacuum.  Forgot about the seat being wet and sat down in it for a moment.  I got the dirt cleaned up and vacuumed the rest of the car up too while I was at it.  There's big stain on the floor mat which I'm not happy about.

Our firework display got cancelled at the last minute.  The fireman had been preparing them the night before when a bunch of them suddenly went off all at once, injuring three fireman.  I watched the Macy's fireworks on TV since I couldn't see them in person.  It was nice but just not the same as seeing them in person. 

Other than those minor things, my day wasn't too bad overall, I guess.  Hope everyone else had a great holiday weekend!

Yesterday I had asked my dad if he could come over and start my lawnmower for me today.  I can't start it by myself for some reason so I always have to ask him for help.  He showed up this morning with my mom and her mower.  She and I both mowed together while he ran some errands.  I was really surprised that my mom showed up to help and was really grateful as I hate yardwork.  My dad wasn't back yet by the time we'd finished so we went inside and visited.  She gave me her usual motherly advice which I pervceived as criticism but once she was done with that, we had a nice visit.

Meanwhile, my chi's are having a blast over at Fiesty Three's luau. 
They're having such a good time that they've threatened not to come back home.  I may just have to fly over to Hawaii and drag them back, kicking and barking all the way!  I got a couple of pictures of them from when they'd just arrived, they're looking around for their friends here: 
They've informed me they are MUCH too busy partying to stop and take better pictures!  I tried to tell them that half the fun of a good party is to take pictures with your friends and to share them with everyone afterwards!  They said I didn't know what I was talking about.  Silly boys!  I'm glad they're having such a wonderful time but I really miss them!

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Melissa said...

That's great you got a call about an interview! And good that you got help mowing your lawn.. mowing is a pain at times.

Katie S said...

They are sooo cute!!

It sounds like you were pretty busy!! :)

koko said...

Great to hear you got a call from a potential employer... and yup, it's difficult to drive around with any kind of water container in the car, we had a similar problem :)... glad your chis had fun.

Licks, hero

Life With Dogs said...

Your pooches are going to have a serious hangover. ;)

It's always nice to meet another math hater!

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Congratulations about the interview! I'm praying that you will get the job. Don't feel bad about the math part, I used to do really well with math (took 4 years of it in high school) but it seems now that I've forgotten everything! I wouldn't have done well on that test either and probably would've used a calculator, lol!!

Katie S said...

I would love to have your email...

mine is ktdietrich(@)yahoo(.)com

I understand about not wanting your regular one on there, but have you thought about making a new one for blogging?

Just a thought! :)

Have a wonderful day

Summer said...

The puppies are so cute! Yay that ya got a call about an interview! Girl I am the same way with Algebra Blech....

I have never tried to transport a fishie in a tank or bowl but on my hill if I attempted it I'm sure it would be a total mess LOL....uggg that it got everywhere, then the plant spilled, then you sat in the water, um sounds like one of my days....

Glad it turned out good though and yay that your mom helped ya mow the grass....

Summer :0)

Unknown said...

Oh I suck at Maths too!! I really hated it at school. So I really share your horror over that test. But good luck with it all - am keeping everythign crossed for you!

That story about your Chi's at the party is hysterical! But I do hope they do get some more photos as I LOVE seeing your little ones!! ;-)


the booker man said...

good gravy, miss sprinkles, i bet you sure could use a snooze after all that work!! i'm excited that you got a call about an interview! that's super grrreat!
i had tons of funsies with shiver and chico in honorooroo! they sure woof some good jokes, and boy howdy, they are ridiculously good at twister!!
the booker man

MommyLisa said...

Very cute. I agree that fireworks are not as good on television.

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