Monday, November 23, 2009


What a day it's been already and it's barely 1/2 over!

I procrastinated following my usual morning routine and decided to do the daily blog check.  And was shocked and excited to discover I'd been presented with an award by Dip-Dip and The Bridge!  Thank you sooooo much, ladies!   And of course little brother Elliot too!  If you haven't stopped by their blog, it's snowing over there!

The rules are to pick 15 friends to pass this wonderful award on to.  Last time I passed on an award, only two people acknowledged it.  So...if you want it, take it.  If not, that's ok too.  

As if that wasn't enough good news, I headed on over to dot ... dot ... dot ...  to check out the winners of the giveaways.  I was STUNNED to see my name!!!   I won a giant fortune cookie!!!

When I posted about all the fun giveaways, I never in a zillion years expected to win anything.  Sure, I was hopeful.  But I truly did not ever think I'd win.  I'm not sure if this is the exact cookie I'll be getting, I said I'd be happy with any of the chocolate covered ones.  I posted this picture to show the difference in size so you'll have an idea of how big the cookie really is.

Thank you Dip-Dip and The Bridge and dot ... dot ... dot ... for making my day so much brighter!  I can't stop smiling!!! 

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I haven't really posted anything lately just because I have nothing to talk about.  Seriously -- NOTHING!  I apply for job after job and sit at home waiting for the phone to ring.  And sadly, it doesn't. 

With all my free time, I've been trying to get the boredom to subside by surfing the net each day.  Somehow I came across particular website.

I'm all about gettin' stuff for free so I was kinda stoked to find this.  Every weekday they list new things.  Some of the stuff you have to enter sweepstakes and things but some of it really is completely free!  Yesterday I ordered a sample of chips and a candle.  Didn't even have to pay shipping and handling and they didn't ask anything of me to get them! 

I also found another website giving away free goodies but I haven't really checked it out.

Also yesterday, Tiffany over at Memoirs of a Munchkin Mommy mentioned a blog with a bunch of giveaways.  I checked it out and she wasn't kidding, April @ dot ... dot ... dot ... is giving away TONS of stuff!!!!!  I don't usually have much luck with these kinds of things but I'm not gonna let that stop me.  I mean, SOMEbody's gotta win it, right?  Why not me?!

These are some of my favorites: 
1.  Hot Mama Glasswear.  Set of blue and white "Let It Snow" balloon glasses which includes Frozen Whoopee drink recipe on the bottom of the glass.
2.  Wire Wrapped Designs.  The winner receives a pair of earrings of their choice! 
3.  Pet Elegance.  A collar and a personalized tag of the winner's choice.  There are lots to choose from.
4.  Fancy Fortune Cookies.  Who knew fortune cookies could be so pretty?
5.  Sweet & Simple.  Very pretty Simple Sparrow necklace.
6.  Herb'n Development.  Just because the girly girl in me can never have enough of this kind of thing.
7.  Anderson Soap Company.  Who can resist a shopping spree?
8.  Red Clover Clutch.   The perfect clutch can make or break an outfit.
9.  Kidoodles.  The star shaped crayons are adorable!
10.  mac and e.l.f.  I love, love, love any and all makeup.
11.  Almay Pink Shimmer.  Two words -- lip gloss.  Need I say more? 
12.  Coach.  A cute little coin purse

This is only a list of the ones I'm interested in.  There are over 20 so even if none of these interests you, I'm sure you'll find something that will.  If you decide to enter for any of these, you'll need to hurry!  The deadline is Sunday 11/22 @ 8 PM PST.  And please mention that I sent you as I'll get extra entries.  Yes, I did namedrop Tiffany!

As if all these goodies aren't enough, I checked out April's profile and discovered she's also hosting another one on Manicure Mommas.  If you love OPI nail polish, you'll love this giveaway!

This one ends Monday 11/30 12 AM EST.

Be sure to get your entries in for all of these lovely giveaways.  Or not, that's that much less competition for me!  LOL  (Just kidding, the more the merrier!)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

This past week has been difficult.  Reality has set in and I'm freaking BIG TIME about finding a job.  I can pay my bills for November but I don't know what I'm gonna do for December.  And on top of the bills, I don't know what to do about Christmas.  I can't just not buy anybody anything.  I'm sure everyone would understand if I don't but I just can't do that.  I still haven't heard if I've been approved for unemployment benefits.  If I get that, I'll be ok.  It won't be enough to pay my bills but it'll cover a good portion of them at least.

I spent most of my week crying and feeling sorry for myself in between applying for jobs. 

My one friend that I went skydiving with has redeemed herself above and beyond for all time.  She's looking to move out of her current rental and asked if I wanted to look at some potential houses with her on Friday.  I said sure because it's not like I had anything else to do.  It would get me out of the house and I could talk to someone other than my dogs.  I love my dogs to death but they don't answer back when I talk to them so it's like talking to myself basically. 

So we left a little early and she treated me to lunch at McDonald's which I appreciated.  We looked at 4 different places and found one we thought would work really well but she had a couple more she wanted to look at first before making any final decisions.

As she was driving me home she said she had a surprise for me.  She'd just been on vacation so I thought maybe she brought me back a souvenier or something.  We got to the house and she handed me a bag.  I didn't look in it, I just said, "Wow, this bag is heavy!  What's in here?"  And then she handed me another heavy bag.  As she reached for a third bag, I could see a bag of chips poking out the top and I said, "What did you do?"  She gave me a big hug and said she just wanted me to be ok.  I didn't want to take it but I didn't have much in the way of food in my cupboards and no money to buy more.  Right now, my priority is the bills.  I am eternally greatful and don't know how I could ever pay her back.  It's nice to have one less worry! 

Yesterday I went to a meeting for the American Cancer Society.  It was a day long meeting discussing various ways to raise funds and what those funds will do.  I couldn't enjoy myself, I just kept thinking that I needed to be at home trying to raise funds to pay my bills.  Towards the end of the day, they did a drawing.  I don't usually have much luck with those so I really didn't even pay much attention.  Someone at my table won a purple piggybank.  It was kind of cute and purple is one of my favorite colors.  I thought to myself that I wanted one of those.  Then they called my number and I won one!!!  It took me a second to realize it when they read off my number.  That seemed to be the turning point in my day.  I mean, it was just a little kid size piggybank but it's cute and it's purple and I wanted it and I got it.  They had much nicer prizes but that's what I wanted and I got it!

This morning I went online and did my usual job search.  I applied for two jobs in my line of work, am waiting for more information on how to apply for another (I had to email Job Service for the information.  Normally they just give it to you in the posting but for this particular job you have to email Job Service for the info.) and am considering applying for another one.  The one I'm considering is part time in another town but it's good pay.  I'd have to get another job to cover the bills but at least it'd be something.  My only concern is whether it'd be worth it after paying for gas to drive back and forth.  I'll probably still apply though.  Who knows, part time could potentially turn into full time!  Oh, and I found another job to apply for too.  I just have to go to the company website and complete the application.

So things are looking up!


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