Monday, December 29, 2014

Moody Monday

So school is out for the semester.  I was sick on the last day of finals and didn't even realize it until I got home from work.  When I couldn't get warm, it finally occurred to me that I probably had a fever, which I did.  Felt sick for two days, had a very stuffy nose for the next two, and felt a lot better but also a lot more tired on the fifth day.  And by day six, I was back to feeling like my old self again.

I'm off for the next two weeks.  As much as I want it to drag on indefinitely, I know that it can't...  So I'm trying to make the most of the time I do have and spend it doing as little as possible.  I really do need to get some things done around the house though, before school starts back up and I won't have the time or motivation.  I'm trying to convince myself that I need to steam clean the carpet today.  I have a long list of other stuff to do too. 

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!  We lost our power late Christmas Eve, and into Christmas morning.  The chi's and I spent the night at my mom's because it also snowed Christmas Eve day and I didn't know what the roads would be like in the morning.  Shiver and Chico were mostly well behaved, and I appreciated getting to spend the day with them.  Santa was generous, and we all had a really good day. 

I'm too lazy to find the post so I can link back to it, but I recently mentioned a really bad internship interview I had.  It was very intense, and lasted over an hour.  None of my answers seemed to please the interviewer, and at one point my mind went completely blank.  Well, a senator I had worked with indirectly in my last internship apparently called in a big favor and got me the internship!!!  I don't know if he had to bribe her or what, but I was shocked when she offered me the position.  I didn't tell her I knew that the senator had called her on my behalf.  I've been told this lady can be difficult to work with, and that nothing pleases her.  However, this will be excellent experience so I just have to deal with it. 

I made the Dean's List again this past semester, and have been invited to join an honor society that's just for my particular major.  The society doesn't really do very much, but I'll get a free lunch, and will get special recognition at graduation.  Plus it'll look good on my resume.   

This coming semester will be my last one.  I'm kind of freaking out about it, because now I'll have to face the real world and start paying back all of those loans.  Ugh!  Everyone says I'll be able to get a better job now, but that's not necessarily true!  I know lots of people who graduated before me who are doing something totally different from what they majored in.  One girl who majored in business now works in a call center.  A friend who majored in anthropology now sells insurance.  A guy I used to work with now works at the movie theater making minimum wage after graduation.  I don't want that for myself!  I really want to work in the field of my major! 

I also have to keep reminding myself to enjoy every moment.  I love school, and have learned so much from it.  I've done things I never would have done otherwise, and learned so much about myself in the process.  As much as I stress out over every.little.thing!!!, I also really love it.  And once it's done, I know that I'll miss it. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Blogville Gift Exchange

I knew I couldn't afford to do the Blogville Christmas card exchange AND gift exchange, so we decided to exchange gifts this year.  We were partnered up with Shane and Hoke, whom we had never "met" before.  If you've never met them either, you should totally stop over there and hello.  After you've finished visiting here, of course!  Click here to see what Shiver and Chico got them. 

I always get just as excited whether a package is for me or the boys.  Somehow, they always seem to know when a package is for them.  I brought it home from the post office and let it sit on the kitchen table for several days before opening the presents.  Finally, curiosity got the better of me and I just couldn't wait any longer.
Look at all them toys and treats!!! 
I knew these would be their favorites, and I was right!  See that white thing hanging off to the sides?  Those are extra squeakers!  How cool is that?  I couldn't get them unwrapped fast enough for Shiver and Chico.
Here they are playing with a few of their toys. 
Thanks so much for all of our goodies, Shane and Hoke!  You sure know how to shop for a dog, and we loved each and every toy and treat. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Drowsy Monday

Just two weeks away from freedom!  In some ways, it's two weeks too long.  In other ways, it's not nearly long enough.  I have a 25 page paper due for my advanced stats class on Friday, and have no clue what I'm doing.  I sent my prof a rough draft for feedback, and he suggested lots of revisions.  I worked from dusk to dawn yesterday, it felt like, and I still have a lot of work to do on it.  However, the prof's suggestions weren't nearly as bad as I was expecting.

I had an internship interview last Friday, and it did not go well.  At all.  I was not as prepared as I should have been, and it was a very intense interview.  I felt like I said all the wrong things, and my mind went blank at one point, so my confidence was really shaken by that.  But ya know, it was a learning experience, and I'll do better next time.  It was a good reminder of the kinds of questions I can expect when I graduate next semester and am looking for a real job.
Took this from here.

1.  Who is the one person with whom you are acquainted that you feel is building up the worst karma?  Why?
Without question, I would say my old boss.  She told me on my very first day of work there that she didn't care about other people or their problems.  She showed this to be true many, many, many times over.  She could be extremely unpleasant to deal with at times.  I feel like she already got her karma though, because she got fired about a year after I did.  I've wondered if she has changed any since then.  If I remember correctly, I think the person who fired her said that she was mean.  That's not why she was fired, of course, but they did bring it up during the discussion.

2.  What would you like to discover?  Would you sell it, or let it be available for free?

I would like to discover a way for my chi's to live a long, healthy life for as long as I'm alive.  I would share the magical secret for free.  What would you like to discover?

3.  Think back on the choices you've made in your life.  Which one would you never want to have to make again?

A bazillion years ago, I dated a guy.  We got engaged way too quickly, and I said yes.  Things immediately turned sour, and I discovered him for who he truly was.  We broke up and got back together every other week, it seemed like.  He got into legal trouble, and the cops came to question me.  It was not a fun experience.  I tried to protect him and lied, but the cops saw through that and questioned me even more.  My ex spent some time in jail before being kicked out of the military.  I should never have been put in that position, and I regret lying to the cops - especially after it was all done and over, one of the cops told me that the ex tried to blame it all on me.  Unfortunately for him, there were surveillance videos to prove he wasn't telling the truth.  

I never want to have to make the choice of whether or not to try and protect someone in legal trouble.  I think if the situation were to ever arise again, I'd like to think I would tell the truth from the beginning.

Monday, December 1, 2014

How is it possible that it's Monday all over again, and that my week long vacay is over already?????

This was me all weekend!  I kept telling myself that I needed to get up and do something productive from Friday morning on.  And it just never happened...

Well, I did email out a crappy paper for my workshop that was due this morning.  I only needed to get a passing grade for it, since it's only a pass/fail credit.  I didn't put in an excessive amount of work on it, so hopefully I'll pass.  I worked on it for two days - meaning, I opened up the Word document, then found any and every reason not to work on it.  I'd spend two minutes on it, then four hours doing anything else.  And then the cycle would repeat itself several times into the next evening.

I had such high hopes for getting shizz done over the week off from work/school/internship, but alas, laziness phoned in and said that I needed a break from the world.  And so that's exactly what I did.

Just three more weeks and I shall free again for Christmas break!
Took this from here.  

1.  In what month did you file your tax return this year?  

I'm not 100% sure of this, but I think probably March.  That's usually about the time I file them.  I like to do them then so that I can use my tax refund to pay for the chi's annual shots.  

2.  If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be?  Describe it.  (Bonus points if you give a recipe!)

Ice cream, extra butterscotch syrup, and sprinkles!  (That's a recipe, right?)  Or anything with sprinkles on it, really.  It would be called *Sprinkles Delight*.

You KNOW it had to have sprinkles!!!  

3.  Why is it important to have good manners?

I have worked in customer service in one way or another for a number of years, so I can easily and honestly answer this one!  If you're rude to me for no reason, I will lose respect for you.  I will not go out of my way to help you.  In fact, I will be willing to do a lot less for you.  If you're nice, I will probably go above and beyond to help you out in any way that I can.  

Plus, doesn't it feel good to leave a good impression?  You never know when you might run into that person again, even if you think you might never seem them again.  If you're rude, you an bet they'll remember it.

4.  Show and tell.  What comes to mind first when you see this picture?  Or tell a story if it reminds you of one.  
My very first thought was that it looked like ruins from a Greek temple.  When I clicked on it to save it, it was named Parthenon.  So yep, that's exactly what it is!  Read all about it here, and see a better picture of it there too.  

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