Monday, April 18, 2016

Magical Monday!

Or not - I just like alliteration.  I'm not a fan of Monday's, but maybe today will feel magical at some point!

Thanks for the suggestions last week regarding cover letters.  I've gone online looking for templates and also tried using my friend's cover letters as a model but I never seem to be quite happy with any I've created, no matter how hard I work on them.  Today I'll be meeting with someone from Human Resources to have them critique my resume.  I'm looking forward to hearing their recommendations and plan to ask about cover letters while I'm there.  My job will be ending very soon, so this seemed like good time to go in and talk with them.

I've also ordered business cards to hand out at networking events.  While it hasn't happened often, I've had a few people ask if I had one and now I can say yes!  They were easy to create online and I'm pleased with how they turned out.

In chi news, the boys had their nails clipped at the groomer this past Saturday.  One of the ladies who works there showed off her brand new chi.  It was soooooo cute!  From there, we went to the vet's office for annual shots.  Chico put on a pound since last year, Shiver lost an ounce.  The vet didn't say anything about Chico's cancer.  He did comment that Shiver has a heart murmur which I already knew.  Overall, they seem to be doing well.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Dr. Tim's Metabolite Weight Management Formula Dry Dog Food, Part II

Remember last week when I mentioned we were doing the 30 day Dr. Tim's Metabolite Weight Management Formula Dry Dog Food challenge?  It's been a couple of weeks now so we thought we'd do a quick follow up.
I meant to post the picture above last week, taken the evening of April 1st.  I forgot to have them try the new food during the day so they each got a small handful of the new and old foods that evening.  The boys aren't eating a mix anymore, it's all the new food now.  They seem to really be enjoying it just as much as they did the first time they tried it.  The biggest thing I've noticed is that both boys seem to be so full of energy now!  Shiver is almost back to his puppy-self and is just as rambunctious as ever!  I'm not sure I like that part so much, lol.

Something else I've noticed is that Shiver's poo doesn't smell nearly as bad anymore!  He used to have really smelly poo and I gagged whenever I had to pick it up.  Chico's was never that bad.  Anyway, I still don't particularly enjoy having to clean up after Shiver, but it's a slightly (very slightly!) more pleasant experience now that I don't need a gas mask to get near it.

I'm not sure if Shiver has lost any weight or not, but Chico feels like he's lost a little.  It could be chalked up to his cancer, I suppose, but I've noticed both boys seem to feel full a little quicker and don't necessarily eat as much of this as they did the old food.  I do think they still like it; as I said above, they still seem to be enjoying it!

Blogger Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe asked if this food is any more expensive than what I was feeding them before.  I'd say it's slightly more expensive.  However, it's really not that much more and not enough to dissuade me from purchasing Dr. Tim's Metabolite Weight Management Formula Dry Dog Food for them in the future.

We were not compensated financially for this post, but were provided a free bag of dog food in return for our honest opinions.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Merry Monday

Wow, the weekend sure went quick!  But then I guess it does that when you aren't actually doing anything.  I slept a lot on Saturday and barely got any of my weekend chores completed on Sunday.  Oh well, it'll all still be there next weekend.  I need to create a spring cleaning list and get to work on it.

My job at the tax commission will be ending very soon, sadly.  I've enjoyed it way more than I thought I ever would.  But now I'm back to a frustrating job search all over again.  I really thought that having a college degree would help me find a better paying job and it has not.  :(

I have a friend who has been kind enough to create some wonderful cover letters for me.  However, she's so crazy busy *all the time* taking on the world and I feel bad asking her to help me.  I don't have the gift she seems to have and am never 100% happy with whatever I manage to come up with.

So I'm reaching out to ask if anyone else is any good at putting together cover letters?  And if so, would you be willing to volunteer your time and effort on my behalf every now and again?

Monday, April 4, 2016

Dr. Tim's Metabolite Weight Management Formula Dry Dog Food

I was asked if my boys might be interested in doing a 30 day challenge for Chewy for the month of April.  After talking it over with the chi's, we decided it might be fun!  We chose Dr. Tim's Metabolite Weight Management Formula Dry Dog Food.

I wasn't sure what size bag they'd send and worried it might not truly be a 30 day supply.  Shiver has always been a big eater, Chico has become one since he started taking the steroids.  We received a 30 pound bag and I know my boys don't eat a pound a food a day between them.  This should last us quite awhile.
Chico:  "Hurry up and feed me, Mom.  I'm starving!"

I forgot to have the boys try it on April 1st until late in the evening after they'd already eaten.  I gave them a small handful each and mixed it with the old food.  Shiver immediately began separating the new stuff out and tossing it on the floor.  This did not seem to be a good sign.  Once he got it all sorted, he ate the new food and left the old in his bowl.  I guess that means he likes it!  I've been continuing to mix the old and new food until they get used to it, but they always eat the new stuff first.

First impressions - each piece is larger than their regular food.  Even so, they aren't overly large and don't seem to be too hard to chew.  That is always a concern for me because Chico has always had bad teeth.  The smell isn't awful either.  I'm not too concerned with their weights, but it'll be good to see what other effects this will have on the boys.  

We were not compensated financially for this post, but were provided a free bag of dog food in return for our honest opinions.

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