Thursday, April 29, 2010


I don't normally do other people's meme's unless I'm specifically tagged for them but I saw this over on Andrea's blog and thought it was cute so I snagged it!  Feel free to play along too!

A.  Are you a PC or a Mac?  I'm a PC girl right now, but I’m not opposed to Mac in the future.  My mom has a Mac and says it makes a lot more sense than a PC.  I don't know, I'm used to a PC so that makes more sense to me.  What do you think? 
B. Best current show on TV?  I'm into Desperate Housewives!  I'm also enjoying Celebrity Apprentice this season for my Bret Michaels fix. Yes, I'm a child of the 80's!
C.  Chore you hate?  It  used to be laundry. But then I discovered that if I hung 99% of everything up, it wasn't so bad!  Yeah, doesn't make sense to me either but it works for me so I just go with it.  I detest scrubbing the bathroom and dusting.  I'll scrub the bathroom over dusting but I hate them both about the same.  I also abhor washing piles of dishes.  Don't mind if there's just a few dishes but can.not.stand doing piles of them so I never let them stack up if I can help it.
D.  Dogs or Cats?  My mom is allergic to cats so I always grew up with dogs.  I had one cat for a few years who disappeared on me and then another who was sickly from his first day to his last.  I adored him with all of my heart and  I still miss him like crazy but I'm not ready for another kitty yet.  So for now - dogs!
E.  Essential "start the day" item?  These days, pretty much nothing.  When I was working every day, I enjoyed treating myself to daily dose of cappuccino.
F.  Favorite color?  I have three - pink, purple and blue. 
G.  Gold or Silver?  If we're talking jewelry, I'll go with silver but if I were to collect one or the other, I'd collect gold.
H.  Height?  5’0. I actually don’t mind my height. Some people hate being short but most of the time I don't mind it at all.  Sometimes I do wish I was slightly taller but for the most part it doesn't bother me.
I. Instruments you play?  The radio!  I wanted to learn the piano when I was younger but my mom wouldn't let me.  My brother taught himself to play keyboards so I suppose I could've done the same but I didn't have the same drive.
J.  Job?  I’m unemployed at the moment and it's awful!!!  I've had some interviews but because the economy is so horrible, there's so much competition for even the crappiest jobs.
K. Kids?  My furbabies are the only children I'll ever have.  When your own father tells you that you wouldn't be a good mother, it's a pretty good indication that you probably shouldn't have kids!  I adore babies but once they learn to talk, they annoy me to no end. 
I also have a red betta fish named ~ wait for it ~ Red!  As in Dr. Suess' One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!  Yes, I am soooooo original!  LOL
L.  Living Arrangements?  I live with my babies in a 3 bedroom house which I bought in 2003.  One of my spare bedrooms I sponge-painted pink and blue and I call it my "girlie" room.  I keep all of my candles, angel figurines, stuffed animals, etc. in there.  My dogs don't get to go in there very often.  When I walk in, it makes me smile.  The other spare bedroom is used as my office.

M.  Mom's Name? Judith but she goes by Judi
N.  Nickname?  sprinkles
O.  Overnight Hospital Stay?  When I was a toddler, my legs used to turn blue.  The first time it happened, my mom thought I was just cold.  After it happened several more times, it became clear that something was not right so my mom made an appointment with the doctor.  The doctor couldn't find anything obvious wrong with me so he decided to keep me in the hospital for several weeks for observation.  I have no memory of this.  My mom says that the hospital was really far away and that she couldn't visit very often because my father had to use the family car for work.  They never did figure out what was wrong with me.  My legs don't turn blue now so I guess whatever it was just stopped on it's own.
P.  Pet Peeve?  Where do I start?  One thing I hate is when you're talking to someone and they aren't paying attention.  You'll tell them something and then they'll ask you the same thing you just barely told them.  Another is people who are rude for no reason. 
Q.  Quote from a movie?  After racking my brain, I can't think of a single one!  Yet as soon as I post this, I just KNOW a bunch will come to me!  LOL
R.  Righty or Lefty?  Righty
S.  Siblings?  Two older brothers.  The oldest one is no longer a part of my life.  Honestly, I don't think he cares to be a part of it and I really don't need the negativity that would come with having him in it.  His nastiness, growing up, went waaaaaaaaay beyond just ordinary sibling rivalry.

The other brother I was close to growing up but once he moved out on his own, he only kept in touch intermittently.  It makes me sad that he has chosen not to be a bigger part of my life but there's nothing I can do about it.  It's his choice, not mine.  I do hear from him now and again via email and that's as much contact as he's interested in for the time being.

T.  TV Shows?  I admit I watch too much TV!
Sunday - Desperate Housewives, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami, Celebrity Apprentice
Monday - Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother,  Little People Big World
***I used to watch DWTS just to watch Kate Gosselin bomb but now that she's been voted off, I no longer feel the need to watch.  Yes, I realize that makes me a bad person and I'm ok with that!
Tuesday - 16 &; Pregnant, Teen Mom, The Hills, The City
Wednesday - The New Adventures of Old Christine
Thursday - Sober House
U.  Underwear?  Granny panties. I won't lie, they're comfy! 
V.  Veggie you dislike?  I don’t care for cabbage and I cannot stand mushrooms!
W.  Ways/reasons you are late?  I'm a night person so getting up early is difficult for me.  I admit I hit the snooze button 20x in the morning!  However - I have a good friend who is late for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G and it pisses me off to no end!  It makes me feel like my time isn't as valuable as hers.  Especially when the one time out of 1000x when I'm late and she isn't, she gets pissy and insists on wanting to know why I'm late!  So I make a point to not be late to anything.  And when I am, I'm really disappointed in myself.
X.  Expiration dates – do you keep or toss?  I typically toss unless it's like one day past and I'm about to eat or drink it right then.
Y.  Yummy food you make?  I don't cook very often since it's just me.  I probably wouldn't mind cooking if I had a family to cook for but I don't.  I like to think I make a pretty good grilled cheese!  Last week I toasted a slice of bread with a piece of cheese, added an egg and some bacon on top and kind of made my own version of an Egg McMuffin - well, with out the muffin - which turned out pretty good!
Z.  Zoo animals you like?  I like to watch the lions and tigers.  I wish our zoo had elephants.  One of the zookeepers said we'd never have one though because our zoo is too small.

*DH and cappuccino images courtesy of bing!

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Melissa said...

I like this! Very good way to get to know you better.

I'm a PC person myself. My husband has a Mac laptop and I had to use it while the motherboard was being replaced on mine (it was under warranty so I had to send it away) so I used the Mac for 2 weeks. I think if you've always used a Mac, it would be fine, but because I'm use to a PC, I didn't find the Mac intuitive at all. I prefer a PC myself.

Kristen said...

This is awesome!! So glad you did this... I love learning more about people.

Blue legs? Glad you don't remember that... it sounds pretty scary. Your house sounds kinda like my old house. I had a room I turned into my scrapbooking room- just went in there and hung out and watched movies and felt happy. It looked out over my deck and big backyard and I just loved being in that room.
My furbabies are my only babies too. I would love to have kids someday, but I'm also getting older and there are no prospects of a future father so I might be a furmama only. Kinda makes me sad, but I do so love my kitty boys.
And I LOVE doing the dishes... love it. I would so do your dishes for you if we lived closer :)

the booker man said...

your pups are super duper cutie patooties! also, my mama has the same love of the snoozin' button that you do. that's where i come in. teehee.
the booker man

Life With Dogs said...

This one is far better than most - it's nice to truly meet you!

Juliana said...

I loved this...the RADIO ha ha!

I am stealing this!

Zuzana said...

What a great tag and I so enjoyed your answers, it was fun to getting to know you better.;)
I have always had a Mac ad I know that many people that used to have PC and switched never go back.
I also prefer silver.
I am so sorry that you were told you would be a bad mother, that is simply so wrong. Honestly, you should not listen to that.
Have a lovely Friday dear sprinkles,

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