Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Or should that be Wordful Wednesday?!

Anyways...the See Spot Walk dog walk was a little disappointing this year.  It seems like there were more booths the last time I went and that they more dog-centric in the past.  Most of the booths this year did have something to do with pets but not quite all of them did.  Some of them were stretching it a bit.  Like trying to get you to buy a water filter for your dog?  Yeah, your dog is gonna get the benefit of it too but I wouldn't buy it JUST for my dog, ya know?  I was hoping the lady from the vet would be there to clip my dog's nails for free but she wasn't there this year.  Oh well, maybe next time. 

I'm not saying I didn't enjoy myself because I really did.  I loved seeing all those breeds of dogs all in one place!  All of the dogs there were very well behaved, too.

Yesterday I attended my first class for Credit When Credit Is Due.  It's a six week course.  It seems like it's gonna be pretty interesting.  Not even sure why I decided to take the class.  I guess just for something to do.  The nice thing is - I pay for it up front and if I pass, my employer reimburses me.  The instructor said that in the history of her teaching the class, NO ONE has ever failed because the tests are open book and even if you do fail a test, she allows you to retake it. 

Today at work they held an early birthday potluck for me.  Sooooooo good!  It was Chinese food themed.  When I got to work, my desk was covered in decorations.  No one has ever done that for me before!  I mean, I've had my work area decorated but never like that!!!  I literally had to clean up before I could sit down and work.  The company always gives us a gift of some kind, this year I got a gift certificate to a restaurant.  All in all, I made out pretty well, I'd say!

This Saturday I'm going SKYDIVING!!!!!!!!!  I'm beyond excited, if you can't tell!  One of my friend's who has already done it said that they weigh you before you go (there is a weight limit) and although I don't weigh anywhere near the weight limit, I still don't to be embarrased by that number on the scale.  I think after today's potluck, I probably exceeded it though!  LOL  Not really but I certainly ate enough for lunch and dinner both!

Next week is the home tour, I think.  I'll have to check the dates cuz I might be wrong!  That's in the morning and then in the evening or maybe the afternoon is a get together at a friend's house.  Both are on the 24th, I'll have to check the calendar to see if it's really next week or not.  Really looking forward to the home tour - I make my mom take me for my birthday every year!  It's a tour of different people's housues.  Some people's home's are really fancy are others are not so much.  One of the house's we went to last year was not really all that nice at all and I wondered why they put it on the tour.

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