Monday, February 15, 2010

Doggy Love, Part I

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I LOVE my little chi's.  How do they know this?  Because I can (and do!) talk about them endlessly!!!
**Please don't look too closely at the carpet.  I don't know why it looks so dirty in the picture because it doesn't look like that in person.  This was taken around Christmas time and I've since shampooed the carpet  again because I was grossed out by how it looks here!  Eww!!!**

But anyways, back to my babies!  I simply adore them and don't want to forget why I do.  I've been thinking a lot about Max lately and I know the pain of losing a pet.  No matter how long you have them, it's never long enough!!!  Fortunately, Max is still with us but his days are numbered.  Every single time I visit Max's blog, I cry.  I just recently found him through Cocorue but I feel his family's pain in knowing there is nothing else medical science can do beyond making him comfortable in his last days.

So with that ~ I wanted a written record of why I love my babies.  If the memories ever start to fade over time, I can come back here and refresh them.

Shiver is a big chihuahua.  I was a little disappointed when I got him ONLY because he was so tall and I've always wanted a little bitty dog.  He was four months old when I plucked him from the mall pet store and he was already a big boy.  When I first got him, people asked me what he looked like.  I always told them that he looks like Paris Hilton's dog, Tinkerbell.  And every.single.time people always said, "Oh, so you think you're Paris Hilton now?"  I don't know why they'd ask this but I found it rather annoying.  I then read that Paris' dog is also a big chihuahua!

I love that Shiver is a Mama's Boy.  He would be beyond thrilled if his life consisted of nothing but sitting on my lap 24/7 while I showered him with love.  He's very shy and whenever he meets new people, he prefers to cower down next to me.  It doesn't matter if he's at home or if he's out in public somewhere.  He truly has no interest in making new friends, he just wants his Mama. 

He's highly jealous of anyone or anything he thinks is taking attention away from him.  If I spend too much time on the computer or watching tv and my attention is diverted from him, he will grab something from another room that he knows he shouldn't have and bring it over to show me.  He stays just out of reach for me to grab him.  As soon as he knows that I've seen him, he'll run off with it, causing me to chase him and give him the attention he's craving.  If I'm reading, he tries to get between me and the book.  He loves to "help" me make the bed.  I'll be trying to put the sheets on and he'll come over to the side of the mattress and lick my face or wag his tail at me.  Or both!

He's very graceful for a boy and very dainty.  I love to watch him when he's sitting on or next to me (always touching me) and doing his little doggy thing, scratching an ear, yawning, chewing his toenails.

There is a house near me that I used to pass every morning on the way to work that has a big deer figurine in the front yard near the garden.  I was looking at Shiver one day and it occurred to me that he looked just like a baby dear when he curls up.  The only thing missing would be the white spots on his back.  Oh, and his tail is too long but he usually sits on that.

My favorite thing about him is that he doesn't ever like to be apart from me.  I used to have to stand outside in the backyard with him while he did his business or else he'd bark and cry to come back in.  If I ignored him, he'd just get louder.  He finally decided last year that it was ok if I went back inside but he has this need to scratch on the door a million times whenever he's outside.  I'll open the door and once he sees me, he'll run off into the yard again to play.  It used to drive me absolutely crazy that I can't get a moment of peace while he's outside.  In the spring and summer when we have warmer weather, he can be out there for quite awhile.  I finally realized he just wants to know that I'm still there even if he can't see me.  I'm the only Mama he's ever known and I'm pretty sure he loves me just as much as I love him.

Tomorrow is Chico's turn!

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Martine said...

That is a great idea, to post why you love your little chihuahuas!!!

Candy would love to be Shivers belated valentine (we had no power again or I would have responded sooner)!!!

We can't wait to read about Chico!

Sketching with Dogs said...

I love your new background, it's so delicate.
Shiver sounds like he is devoted to you and vice versa. Bridget is a big Chihuahua too, she weighs 8lb.
Thank you for telling us all about him, he is beautiful.

Zuzana said...

I love the name, Shiver.;)
I think if I ever had a dog, they would be like yours. As they like to be held and can easily be taken on travels. I totally relished in the fact that he doesn't like to be apart from you. Isn't that just great? He really cares for your presence and misses you genuinely. That is more than we can expect from most people.;)
Lovely post, looking forward to hear about your other baby.;))

Diana Chiew said...

Sorry that I have not been visiting. It has been busy, busy, busy over here.

Shiver sounds just like Christmas. Christmas is highly jealous and couldn't have me out of her sight too!

- Diana

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

This was such a sweet post. This is basically the reason behind starting a blog for the munchkins. When I lost Tiny I was beyond devastated and so mad at myself for not writing stuff down. So I wasn't going to make that mistake with the munchkins. Thus, Munchkin Memoirs came to be! I think it is a fabulous idea to write things down so that we can relive them whenever we feel the need.

I've come to realize that simply by owning a Chihuahua or two, you bring out a lot of jealousy in people. It makes no sense because there are tons out there waiting for good homes.

Shiver reminds me of Lexi. She does not like to be ignored and very often gets in between me and the tv, me and the computer, me and a book, me and Dru, or even me and Bentley. She likes to crawl up into my face and block my view! Ha ha. Now I'm off to read
Chico's post!

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