Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Musings

My project has come to a close for the year and I must say I have mixed feelings about it.  It's a relief to have a break from it for awhile but it was also nice to have something to else to focus on besides the lack of a job/interviews. 

Overall it went well, I think.  I was a little pissed because the music for my ceremony from beginning to end was totally screwed up.  They didn't play the correct songs where they were supposed to and missed a couple of songs completely.  I got virtually no feedback from anyone on what they thought of it but hopefully everyone else liked it.  And if they didn't, oh well...too late now!

I brought my camera with me to take pictures but seemed to have forgotten all about it.  Can you believe I did not get a single picture?!  I can actually, because that's what usually happens.

After the ceremony, one of my friend helped me put together some of the prizes.  The ones we worked on were all food related.  Once we got done, there were always a couple of leftovers which my friend quickly asked if she could have.  I just wanted to say, "You do realize this is all for charity, right?  And that charity is NOT you?"  But I didn't, I kept my mouth shut!

Last week, the lovely Zuzana did a meme that she was tagged for.  I liked it so I snagged it.  But it's ok, she said that if anyone wanted to play along, they could.  So I didn't totally steal it from her.  Feel free to play along if you'd like to!

1)  What is your philosophy?
At an old job I had, there was a saying posted to the training door that I think is pretty true.  "Life is a journey, not a destination."  Life truly is what you make of it.

2)  If you could be any age again for one week, what age would you be?
Honestly, this is a difficult one to answer.  Life has always seemed to be a struggle for me.  Maybe the week I decided to go to beauty school.  I would change that into going to college instead and maybe make a more lucrative life for myself.  I was probably 17 then.
3)  Who is your fashion icon?
Don't have one.  I've never been very fashionable.  I would've liked to have been in high school because I thought maybe I'd fit in a little more but my family didn't have an endless supply of disposable income so I had to make due with what I had.  Then, when I got to be an adult, I realized that how you look doesn't matter so much.

4)  What was the best moment of your life?
Probably when I bought my current car.  I'd never had a brand new car before and never thought I'd be able to afford one.  While the credit I did have was good, I had very little of it so I had a hard time finding a lender initially and got a higher than normal interest rate on the loan which I was able to refinance down at a later date.  I remember driving it to work and showing it off and being so proud of my new car!  And because I'd bought the car and built up more credit history, I was later able to buy a house.  Somehow, though, buying the car seemed to be a little more of a highlight.

5)  Do you enjoy spending hours shopping or do you try to get over with it as fast as possible?
When I had a job, I LLLOOOVVVEEEDDD to go shopping!!!  I would take a portion of my tax refund and spend it foolishly on a day at the mall.  I'd buy things that I didn't need but wanted because it was pretty or smelled nice.  I'd literally spend hours there and if I didn't spend all my $ there, I'd go shop elsewhere and make the day last a little longer. 

These days, I shop very quickly and try not to look at anything beyond whatever is on my shopping list because otherwise I'll become very depressed that I can barely afford the bare essentials.

6)  Something you can't get to throw out of your wardrobe is...
Shoes!!!  I have over 50 pairs.  Some of them I never wear and some of them are incredibly uncomfortable.  And yet...  I love them all and can't bring myself to get rid of them.

7)  What is your least favorite household chore?
I really hate dusting and cleaning the bathroom about the same amount.  I will scrub toilets before dusting though which is strange, considering I hate them equally.  I did some heavy dusting last week as part of my spring cleaning so I won't have to worry about that for awhile. 

8)  A movie that you could never forget.
There are so many but I'm going to go with St. Elmo's Fire.  I didn't really understand it to the full extent the first time I watched it but then again, I was still in high school so struggling with adulthood wouldn't have been something I'd have any experience with yet.  It's still one of my favorite movies, even to this day.
9)  One person who influenced your life.
I had an old boss at a job that I just hated.  She and I were friendly but never really talked much beyond the boss/employee realm.  One day I told her I was thinking of applying to another department within the same company.  She made a few phone calls, got some information on the position and what kind of experience they were looking for and tried to work with me to figure out a way to get that experience.  I got the job with her help.  On one of my last few days there in her department, I asked her why she did all that for me.  She told me it was because she always wanted me to know that I could do better.  She didn't want me to think that working in a call center was the best job I could hope for.  I found out later that she did this for many other employees too.  It influenced me because I realized that if someone else believed in me, it was ok to believe in myself.
10)  What is your favorite part of a day?
I don't currently have one, every part of each day is exactly the same.  When I was working though, my favorite part of the day was right when I first got home from work.  It was "my" time and I had the whole evening before me to spend it doing whatever I liked!
-Optional-  Which cartoon character do you resemble?
Hmm...  I'd like to think that I look like Snow White but in reality, I'm probably more like Barney Rubble.  LOL

***Edit:  The spacing for this post was normal when I typed it out but was all funky when it posted.  I tried to fix it and fought with blogger but for some unknown reason, it wants to stay as is. 

8 showed me some love:

Draco and his Mom said...

A very nice post. I liked learning some cool stuff about you

Meg said...

That was a very informative post. You know I haven't ever seen St. Elmo's Fire. What is it even about? Buying a new car is so exciting, but I can't believe it trumped you buying a house. You don't hear that very often.

I am still praying for you on the job front, I appreciate all the prayers you put in for me.

~Meg @ "Through the Roses"

Sketching with Dogs said...

I enjoyed hearing all about the things you like and dislike.
Wouldn't it be good to have another go at life after it has finished like a computer game, I think I would do almost everything differently!

Zuzana said...

Great post!! Thank you so much for doing this tag, I am so happy you did!! I never pass memes on any more as people usually never do them anyway, so feel free to do any tags I post.;))
I loved all your answers and I loved your 5 particularly as I can so relate to it, and it also made me a bit sad that you cannot go on any sprees anymore...
I also love your philosophy.;) It is a good one, goes a bit with the quote on my sidebar.
And I remember St Elmos, I was a teenager when it came out and was realizing slowly that I was growing up.;)
Have a lovely day dear sprinkles and thanks for playing along.;))

Melissa said...

I sometimes like to shop too, but I need to get a couple of pay cheques in and some things paid down from the move before I could think about going shopping again.

And I like shoes too.. though I don't think I have 50 pairs! lol

the booker man said...

ummm, miss sprinkles. there is no way you look like barney rubble. nice try, though...trying to play tricksies on the booker man! ;)
i liked reading your answers! that quote about life being a journey -- we totally agree with that at my house, too! i also think your old boss that you talked about sure was a nice lady to help you get the job you wanted. oh, and my mama is just like you with the shoes. heehee.
the booker man

Life With Dogs said...

Isn't it funny how buying a new car can be such a treat, and buying a house can seem anti-climactic by comparison? I bet it has to do with payment size. :)

Velvet Over Steel said...

Wow! First off, we are so alike; even more so than I already new. lol That's awesome! Second, that was a 'Great boss' in my opinion. I had one boss that got really upset when I even took classes. She always said that if I better just quit now if I wasn't loyal. What? I did a good job, but my 'loyalty' is to myself. No one else takes care of me, but ME. Yeah, I learned how not treat employees from her. That's all I can say. :-)
Great & fun post! I'll have to put this on my 'bucket blogging list'. :-) I have about 50 future post ideas on it now. It really hard in the summer when I want to be outside all the time. But this winter, that list will come in very handy.
Thanks for sharing yourself with us even more!! :-)

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