Friday, October 29, 2010

Half Full Friday and Blog of the Week

Half Full Friday always rolls around so quickly!  I seriously don't know how that's possible.  I'm not going to complain though.  In the spirit of seeing the glass half full, I'll just say I'm glad that each passing day gets me that much closer to January.  I know it isn't good to wish time away but I just really want to start school already! 

Anyways, why don't you join me?  Just head over to Eyegirl's and link up with Mr. Linky.  There's plenty of room for everyone!
~I'm happy because...
I got a birthday card in the mail from Katie!

I got a Halloween card in the mail from Martine!

I got giveaway prizes in the mail from Katie and April on the same day as I got the cards!

I won TWO prizes from Katie's live giveaway!  Can't wait to get that Chico messenger bag, I want to get a picture of my little Chico with it.

I got a free dinner on Wednesday night! 

I have another interview next week, courtesy of ~KS' UH-MAY-ZING resume and cover letter!  Thanks, ~KS!
I have mixed feelings about the interview.  I'm happy I have one but I almost don't want a job anymore, I just want to go to school.  I think that'll use up enough of my free time, especially just before mid-terms and finals.  But at the same time, I could definitely use the extra income.  I've decided not to stress about it one way or the other. 
I was playing around with my camera the other day and captured this shot of the angel candle holders in my girly room.  Not exactly award winning photography but I still like it.  I sponge painted the walls pink and blue, that's why it's splotchy like that.
Awhile back, one of the things on my Half Full Friday list was that my friend had given me a pretty bracelet as a souvenir from her trip.  (I'm too lazy to look for the link, sorry!)  P said she wanted to see a picture  of it and I told her I'd try to get a decent one but to be forewarned, the quality of my camera is highly lacking.  This is the best picture I could get.  The first one is a good luck charm bracelet she'd given me from another trip.  The bottom one is from her last vacation, the charm hanging from it is a sparkly flower.  I debated even posting this since it's so awful and shows absolutely no detail but I told her I'd do what I could.

This week's Blog of the Week is from someone who found me!  I'm not sure how she came across my blog but she left a comment so I linked to her from that and we've been friends ever since!

Coreen started this blog January 1st of this year.  She describes her blog as "Life changing true stories told to encourage and inspire." 

The youngest of her three sons has Asperger Syndrome, commonly referred to as High Functioning Autism. Sadly, most people with Asperger tend to "fall through the cracks" in receiving the services and help they need.  Coreen refused to accept this and has fought very hard for her son to ensure he has the same opportunities and experiences available to him as anyone else.

She's discussed the difficulties she overcome in doing so as well as relationships - both good and bad, homelessness, putting her house up for sale and her hopes and dreams for the future.

She updates her blog several times a week.  My favorite posts are always the ones where she joins me in Half Full Friday.  She gives us little glimpses into her life we wouldn't otherwise see.

Her blog fits very nicely with the Half Full Friday theme in that each and every post is very, very positive.  She even includes several inspirational quotes with each and every post.

I don't want to give any more away about the fabulosity of Coreen.  Head on over and discover it for yourself!

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MommyLisa said...

Good week! I did school, kids and full-time job. Its work, but you can do it.

♥ Sallie said...

Great things to be happy about!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I like the bracelet pic..
hey... if you get the job.. take it.. you can go to school part time. A job in the hand is worth two in the bush. It is like CANDY.... take it when it is offered.
I once HAD a job that I thought I really liked. One day... a fella called me.. at that job... and asked if I wanted to go to work for him.. I took that job offer and it was the best move of my life.

the booker man said...

happy half full friday, miss sprinkles!!
how funsies to get those cards 'n pressies, and then you got them all on the same day, too! :)
gratsers on your upcoming interview! mama says even if you have mixed feelings about it, it's still a good experience cuz at least you get to work on your people skills 'n stuff.

the booker man

Betsy Brock said... have had a lot of fun things happen this week! And happy birthday, too! :)

Velvet Over Steel said...

Oh my goosh, Sprinkles! I was 'shocked' to say the least! I have tears... Thank you for putting my blog as your weekly one. I am so honored!!! You have inspired me and helped me grow as a person and with my blog more than you can know! You are so sweet!!! Thank you for tellng the story about my son too. Awareness and understanding is so important!!

Love you girl, so much!!!!
Have a Fantastic weekend!!!
Hugh Hug,

PS. Good luck with the interview and I agree, don't worry!!!

Velvet Over Steel said...

Oh and sorry I didn't get over here sooner today. It got crazy this morning and then Brandon had a doctor appointment; met with his mentor and then we all went to a halloween party so he could meet some peers 'finally' got that arranged. It was really nice & we just got home a little while ago.

You were my first 'visit' after turning the computer on! :-)

Zuzana said...

Your Friday posts put a smile on my face every weekend.;))
Happy Birthday! I did not know it is/was your birthday so my best belated wishes.;))
Your images are lovely despite the bad camera, love the bracelets.;))
And I love the blog you are featuring, Coreen is so talented.;))
Have a lovely weekend dear sprinkles and a happy Halloween,

Zona said...

Good luck with the interview! Let us know how it works out. Exciting!!

Happy birthday!


PeeS: did you notice Penny wasn't in last week's episode? I thought of you when you mentioned that they'd have to write around her broken leg!

Zona said...

Okay... don't judge me for knowing this but those messages at the end of the shows are called vanity cards. They're different every time. I got the DVDs for season 1 for Christmas and watched the director's commentary and they talked about them.

I'm telling you - I need a hobby or something. :)

Jill (Zona's mom)

Summer said...

What great things to be happy about! Yes Ive talked to Katie today a few times she is fine, she is just taking a little bloggy break


Anonymous said...

I can understand worrying about working while going to school. I worked two jobs while going to college and it's rough, sometimes I wish I hadn't worked at all. You just gotta do what feels right and what will get you through.

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