Monday, March 28, 2011

Things I've Learned In School This Semester...

Source:  weheartit
Theatre - Thespis won the first contest to see who could write the best dithyramb (religious song or chant), his prize was a goat. Thespis was considered the first actor and this is where we get the word "thespian" from.

Government - The definition of politics: The authoritative allocation of values for a society.

History - Before the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in NY in 1911, the women there basically had to pay to work.  They made $2.00 a day before their pay was deducted for the amount of cloth, needles and electricity they used.

Psychology - The happier you are, the more coordinated you are.

Now don't you feel alls smarts and stuff?!  You're welcome!

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Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Happy Spring Break to you. Learning is great. My mom loves "school" ... best time of her life. ENJOY Learning ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Zona said...

Wow, I do feel your smarts rubbing off on me!!! I never knew that about the factory workers. Interesting!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea that's where the word Thespian came from. And I can't believe the woman at the factory had to pay to work. We've come a long way!

Doris Sturm said...

Yes, I do - especially "and stuff" LOL

Thank you- I had no idea that happiness and coordination were related ... I wonder why?

The Life of Riley said...

Thanks for sharing. Your post is proof that you can learn something new everyday. I did!

The Daily Pip said...

You are super smart! Just don't forget about your cute, but not so smart friend Pip!

Maxmom said...

Hey there Sprinkles...
Sorry I've not been around for a while. It's great to hear about your schooling, and all the learning.
BTW We learn best when we are having fun! It's therefore important to find a 'fun' way to learn.
My own thought: It's not the learning that is important, its how we apply it in order to make the world a better place.
Keep learning, dear friend. The rest will follow.

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Haha, can you believe my cat did look both sides before she crossed the street.

the booker man said...

miss sprinkles!

OoOoOooo! it's a funsies factoids post! heehee. that thingie about the woman factory workers payin' to work is crazy!! and i guess my mama needs to get happier cuz she is totally uncoordinated like all the time. BOL!

the booker man

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