Monday, July 18, 2011

All About ME!

My father's services were this past Saturday.  It was a really hard day.  I didn't know most of the people who attended which kind of reminded me that I didn't really know my father all that well either.  I cried at the services and cried some more when I got home; I actually think it was harder than the day he died.  Afterwards, I went to a park by myself and walked around for a bit, taking pictures.  It was nice to have that alone time to just kind of put the day behind me for awhile and not think about it.
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Not everyone has posted what they got from the Doggone Dog Swap but I do have a few more links for you.  Check out what Shelby, Dolce and Pip got.  I love seeing everyone's goodies; it gives me great ideas for what to do for next time.  I hope everyone enjoyed this as much as I have and that it'll be even more successful in the future.  I'll post additional links as they become available.

I was supposed to post this a week or two ago but life got in the way and it didn't happen.  So I'm answering them now instead.  I'm sure that you've just been DYING with anticipation.  Because it really is *all about me.*  Stop laughing, it really IS all about me!!!  Yes, it is!!!  Just read my header and my profile, you'll see!

Questions and Answers: 
Jenny Woolf said...
What's your first memory of feelings connected with an animal?  Mine is of riding on an elephant which I found a bit scary!!
I grew up with 2 small, white poodles.  My first real memory connected with either one of them is that one night, I was eating dinner.  We were having spaghetti and everyone else had already finished so I was the last one at the table.  I think I was 4 or 5 at the time.  Well, being alone in the kitchen, my dogs had come in and begged me to share.  I don't know what made me do it but I decided to pour whatever spaghetti was left on my plate onto one of the dogs.  I remember laughing at him as he tried to get at the noodles and meat.  The other dog tried to eat the spaghetti off him too and he growled at her.  He ran into the living room where my mom had been watching tv.  She didn't find it nearly as funny as I did and I got into trouble. 

I wanna hear more about that elephant ride!  Elephants are one of my favorite animals.
I've always wondered what you look like, it's sorta been like talking to someone on the phone without ever meeting them face to face and imaging what they look like.
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I don't show any pictures of myself because I want to protect my identity.  However, I've been told by more than one person that I resemble Reba McEntire.  I totally don't see it and I'm not a fan of country music.  She's much prettier than me but it's better than being compared to someone like Bette Middler, I suppose.  Not that Bette isn't attractive in her own way, she just isn't known as a classic beauty.
Cheeseboy said...
I'm always interested in how and why bloggers get into blogging.
I finally got my own computer which allowed me to be on the internet for more than a couple of minutes at a time.  I wasn't really sure what to do with it beyond just checking my email and the one or two websites I knew of.  And then one day I discovered google!  It's a magical place where you can search for anything your heart desires.  I somehow came across a dog blog and wanted more, more, more!  I noticed links for other blogs placed off to the side and clicked on a few of those whose names I liked.  And then one day I decided I should start my own.  Only I quickly discovered I had nothing to say.  It sat dormant for a long time until I finally decided I should either use it or delete it.  So I started using it and here I am all this time later...  Sorry it's not a more interesting or exciting or inspiring story. 
the booker man said...
if you could go anywhere in the whole wide world for a vacay, where would you go?
I haven't been on very many vacations so pretty much anywhere would be good!  I have a couple that have really stuck out that I enjoyed immensely.  One that I took in childhood and would love to repeat would be that when I was about 12, my family lived in Holland.  (My father was in the military.)  We took a 5 day covered wagon trip a few months before we moved back stateside.  We were in a covered wagon pulled by a horse traveling the countryside by day and stayed in four star hotels at night.  There were stables for the horses back behind the hotel and they fed them for us.  Our breakfasts and dinners were provided by the hotel and they prepared a substantial lunch to take with us the next day.  The really cool thing about this trip is that we crossed borders into several different countries and had we not had the map and notes with us, we'd never have known!  It was a very cool experience and I'd love to do it again.

Reading through this description, it really does sound unbelieveable.  But it really did happen, I swear!
Melissa said...
Hmm..  my question would be..  Are you a neat or tidy person?  Is your house spotless, messy or just "normal"?  (I guess some people call that "lived in.")
I go through phases.  At the moment, my house is pretty clean because I've been in the process of spring cleaning.  I'll keep it clean for awhile and then one day I'll decide I just don't care anymore.  When it gets to the point where I'd be embarassed to invite someone in if they came over unexpectedly (I have one friend in particular who is notorious for this!), then I know it's time to scrub it down again.
The Life of Riley said...
How did you get the name Sprinkles?  It's a great name.  Is it something you picked yourself or did someone else name you that?  When and why?

Also curious approximately what age you and your dogs are... blogging you never know if you are writing to someone much older or younger than you!  You can sort of guess, but you never really know especially when you haven't seen a picture of the person, and you only know what they tell you!!!  I'm four and a bit (32 in dog years - can you tell by my photos?) and my human is in her forties.  We always imagine that you are in your early twenties - are we correct?
When I first started blogging, I decided to be completely anonymous.  If I was going to blog, I wanted to be as honest as possible.  In order to do that, I didn't want people in my real life to stumble acrossed this bloggy o' mine and potentially read things they weren't happy about or didn't agree with.  I could've used just my first name but decided against that because A) someone I know IRL could've come across it and put two and two together more easily and B) almost no one spells my first or last name right.  You'd think I'd be used to this by now and just accept it but no, it pisses me off when someone gets it wrong and I didn't want to be filled with rage everytime I looked at my blog.  lol

I'd come up with a list of names I liked and *sprinkles* was one of them but not necessarily my first choice.  Then I read a list of specific words that ooked people out when they heard them.  The most popular word was "moist."  A little lower down on the list was "sprinkles."  I didn't get why that particular word should creep anyone out and being the rebellious wyldechylde that I am (yes, I just linked to myself on my own blog - 'cause that's how I roll!), I immediately decided that was the name for me!  I've actually used several other names in the duration of this blog but sprinkles is the one that has been around the longest and I like it.

As for my age, I've never liked telling anyone how old I am.  It has nothing to do with covering up my identity; even in my real life, I don't tell people.  I think it's because I feel like I haven't done as much with my life as I'd have liked to.  I don't feel like I've really accomplished much of anything.
Both of my chi's are 4 and both will be 5 in September.
AndreaLeigh said...
is there a significant other in your life?  where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Sadly, no, there isn't a significant other in my life at the moment.  I always knew from a very young age that I'd be alone and it appears that prediction has turned out to be true.  I've had boyfriends before but wasn't very good at relationships.  I can't even remember the last time a guy hit on me.  Actually, I do.  It wasn't pretty.  I asked him what was wrong with him because if he liked me, there must be something wrong with him.  Yeah, that didn't go over so well......  I miss having a boyfriend but I just feel like it isn't in the cards for me.  Please don't suggest I try online dating because I really have no interest in that. 

Honestly, I have no 5 year plan anymore.  I used to kind of have one.  And now, not so much...  I'd like to have graduated, be in a good job that I enjoy and be able to support myself financially with a little extra left over to go out and splurge once in awhile.  I used to always take a little bit from each paycheck and buy myself something frivolous - new shoes, dinner and a movie with friends, makeup, whatever my little heart desired.  But most of all, I just want to be happy and at peace with myself.
Schnauzer Days said...
 Now a question for you, let me think...who do you think is better looking, me or Louis?  No seriously, if you could, would you come back as a very big dog or would you come back again as a smaller dog like us and your good self?  There are pro's and cons to both aren't there? 
I can't choose between Dexter and Louis.  I think you're both equally handsome!  bol

Your next question is a little more difficult.  Yes, there are most definitely cons to both being big and little.  After much thoughtful consideration (three and a half minutes is much thoughtful consideration, right?), I'm gonna go with a small dog.  I have nothing against big dogs at all but I know my boys probably get a little more lovin's as smaller dogs because I can pick them up and cuddle them as I carry them from one spot to another.  They sleep in my bed with me and curl up with me on the couch when I watch tv.  Not that large dogs couldn't sleep in the bed or curl up on the couch too but I'd want there to still be room for me once the dog got up there.   So if I had to come back as a large or a small dog, I'mma go with the small dog.

And now you know....

I'm off to visit a fish hatchery and an alligator farm today.  Catch ya later!

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Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Hysterical story about your poodles, that was too funny! And what an experience with the covered wagons. I was jealous of my bro when he got stationed in Germany for 8 years, he and his ex-wife saw so much of Europe I was just drooling (although I did manage to get over there during that time and saw Heidelburg and Paris, but that wasn't enough for me, haha)!

Draco and his Mom said...

Sorry to hear about your dad. I lost my dad at a young age also. I have not been blogging but today I decided to come and read some of the blogs I follow. I did see the post letting me know that you continued on with the Paw It Forward! I had no doubt you would.
Hope you are enjoying some summer adventures with your pupsters.

Scooter said...

Hey Wylde One!
I'm sorry you are feeling sad, but every day will get a little better. I'll be thinking of you.
Wow, this is pawesome info about you! I think you're one cool furiend and I liked reading all about you and your life.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

jen said...

That was great!
I had to laugh because moist is one of those words that grosses me out.
Anything that is used to describe a skin infection like dermatitis should not be used to describe brownies!

I love the name Sprinkles, it makes me smile:)

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

This was a very very well put together post. You got the sad pawt said and then moved on to the thingys that made us Laugh.
Excellent!!! A+

Jen said...

I thought about you a lot this weekend and hoped things were going ok both at the funeral and with your other family memebers. I also wanted to let you know how much I look forward to your comments on my quote blog... everything you say on there is so true and comes from your heart and I love seeing what you have to say each day. You truly are a lovely person :)

I hope you're doing ok. If not, you know where to find me.

Happy Monday my Dear!


the booker man said...

miss sprinkles!

okie dokie, first like, i totally don't understand why "sprinkles" is on that list of icky words. sprinkles make me feel very happy inside...and also make me think of ice cream sundaes or cupcakes...teehee!
second like, your covered wagon vacay through some of europe sounds TOTALLY AWESOME SAUCE! me and asa and mama are mega jelly! we so would want to do that once, let alone again! :)
third like, your spaghetti 'n poodles story gave me the giggles big time! i was wonderin' if your poodle had pinkish furs for a little while from the spaghetti sauces? BOL!

the booker man

pee s -- i'm glad that you got through your daddy's funeral and got to have some time to yourself afterwards to just let everythingie go.

pee pee s -- congrats on your new job and hooray for no workin' on the weekend!!

Sagira said...

I think the funeral is hard because it makes everything so final. But I think the months and years after everyone goes back to their normal life and you are left with a hole in your heart it the worst. I lost my Grandpa in 2009 and I am still as raw today as I was the day he took his final breath. I will never be the same and it is so hard to deal with. I'm so very sorry for your loss. :(

The Life of Riley said...

What an intersting post. Thanks for sharing things about you with us, and answering my question about your how you got the name Sprinkles - even though your age is still a mystery!!! spagetti dogs and wagon

We enjoyed reading all your answers to the other questions too, and have been left with the image of spagetti covered dogs. My mum once accidentally spilt her red wine over her first pale coated Golden Retreiver and he looked like a dalamtion with lots of red spots!

Doris Sturm said...

That is so sad losing a loved one - it's just not fair. I think people should live longer... but sometimes you think you know someone and really don't. I wonder if all of us carry somewhat of a secret life with us ...I know I do, but I doubt anyone from that part of my life will show up on my funeral.

I read "all about you" and the part how you got into blogging sounds just like the way I did. At first I thought I have a boring life and nothing to talk about and now I can't shut up LOL

You sound so mysterious to me now, your looks, your age, your name - I wonder if you really are a famous celebrity and are just slumming with us ordinary folks (he, he, he)

Have a nice day and God bless you!

Doris and the Gizz ;-)

Unknown said...

Oh Sprinkles - that was fascinating!! I must have missed the post where you were asking people for questions (sorry - we're SO behind!!) but everyone asked such interesting things and it was so nice getting to know you better since you've been a blog friend for such a long time and I too have often wondered a bit about you. But I'm so glad you decided to get blogging! :-)


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