Monday, August 29, 2011

Roman Noodle

Guest poster #2 is from Meg @ Through the Roses.  We became bloggy friends when she joined in my Doggone Dog Swap.  She's participated for the last 2 years now.

The lovely sprinkles asked me to guest post while she was taking a couple of weeks away from the blog world.  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Meg, I am a wife, a furmommy, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a pediatric oncology nurse.  I, of course, have a blog called Through the Roses I live in Florida and have a pretty fabulous life.
I asked sprinkles what she wanted me to post on and she said anything, I had no idea what to post on.  The things I talk most about on my blog tends to be animal rescue, cancer prevention and just a little of this and a little of that.  I think one of my favorite things to talk about is my furbabies and since sprinkles can relate to that, I’m going to talk about my little heart, my Roman Noodle.
Roman Noodle was rescued in Feb of 2006.  I found him left outside of a Publix in a little box.  (I thought it was fate, I had been thinking about rescuing a little dog to add to my gaggle but the problem was all the ones that ended up in rescue were funky with really bad habits.)  Anyways, back to Publix—this little dog was so little.  I had no idea how young he was but he had puppy breath **love**.  I drove an hour south to where my friend Gail who owns and runs Animal People Inc lives—I had to show her my new little baby. 

When I got to Gail, she was working and we didn’t have any puppy food there so I got him a hot dog (I know so bad furmommy!) and he happily enjoyed that.  She thought he was between 8-10 weeks and definitely a Chihuahua.  We stayed and chit chatted for a little while threw names back and forth (couldn’t settle on anything), then when she got off work we wet back to her house and she lent me a dog crate and I headed back on the road for the second time another hour drive but back to my apartment to introduce this little boy to the rest of his fur siblings.
Everyone took to Roman pretty well, everyone sniffed, he clung to me while they all said hello and now it was bedtime our first night.  Well I put a nice big fluffy bed in his perfectly sized little crate and tried to sleep—no less than 10 minutes after “bedtime,” I heard this awful screeching noise—what the hell was that?!?!  Oh just the puppy, I checked him out to make sure he was ok, which he was, pulled his crate into my room and tried to sleep again—10 minutes again and another terrible noise, holy crap, I now draped my hand into his crate, which settled him for another 10 minutes and then that awful noise again.  What is wrong with this little puppy?  Well I pulled him into my bed and now there is nothing, he just wanted to snuggle.  He curled up next to me and slept the next eight hours.  When I woke up the following morning, got up to pee the little puppy got off the bed with me and found a perfect spot on my carpet to have a morning pee also.  OMG, what is wrong with this dog?  Well I found later that nothing is wrong with this dog, he was just a puppy and holy crap, I was going to have my hands FULL.

I couldn’t figure out for the longest time why this sweet little boy would be abandoned.  He did have some food aggression, which we nipped in the butt by feeding my kitty Kiwi with him.  He had some wicked separation anxiety, which Kiwi also helped fix by crating with him when I left the house.  It wasn’t until about 6 months after I had found him that I figured out the real reason—he had his first seizure.  Seizures are scary and his manifested really weirdly.  They just weren’t a typical tonic clonic seizure so after multiple episodes and other tests trying to discover what this was that we resided in that they were in fact seizures.  It is my thought that the previous owner/breeders say this and realized that they could not sell this dog knowing his health issues.
Roman like all my animals have gotten me through hard times but there is something special about this little dog, he would give up seeing the light of day if it meant he could sit on my lap forever.  His love is so unconditional for me and I can’t fib, I love it.  He walked down the aisle on my wedding day because he truly is one of my best friends. I miss his little face whenever I am away from him and couldn’t imagine him not being at my house day in and day out.  He’s my heart.
Thanks for listening to my story about my little Chihuahua heart and enjoy some wonderful pictures of my little boy.


***Note from sprinkles:  Sorry about the weird spacing.  I tried to fix it but blogger was being a b**** and wouldn't let me.

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Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Meg, didn't you use to be a member on Club Chi? If you were, I don't know if you remember me, I'm Shoequeen and have two furbabies, Chewy& Lilibell.

That's really sad and horrible that someone just dumped Roman because of his health issues, but maybe it was fate, because you came along, rescued him and gave him the best home he could possibly ever have!

Zuzana said...

Oh what a truly endearing post about that sweet little puppy.;)
How lucky he was that your path did cross and I guess he returned the favour many times over.;)
I so enjoyed reading your words and seeing your pictures.;)

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Oh how cute your roman noodle! All the pics are cute...I rescued my dog from my son:)

Adien Crafts said...

Hi, lovely to meet you and to read about your life, Roman is a little soldier isn't he, what a cutie pie, thanks for telling us all about him, Di xxx

The Daily Pip said...

OMD!!! he is absolutely adorable! Thank goodness you found him. Rescue dogs are always so special and loyal.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Your pal, Pip

♥ Sallie said...

Great post!


Jenny Woolf said...

What a lovely post!:)

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