Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday MeMe

I took this from ...Curious as a Cat because I don't really have anything to blog about.

1)  Would you prefer to have your own swimming pool or your own airplane?  Why?

I'd go with the airplane.  I'm not sure why but I'm scared to death of large bodies of water.  Maybe I drowned in a previous life or something, lol.  Plus, with an airplane, I'd be able to travel where ever I wanted to at a moment's notice.

2)  Which items in your house do you think will bring in the most money at an antique store in a century.

Honestly, this is a hard one!  While I do have some nice stuff, I don't know that I really have anything of any real value.  After thinking about it for a little bit, I'm decided on my telephone.

These days, everyone and their grandma uses cell phones.  Except for me.  I've gone my whole life without one and am surviving just fine.  When I tell people that, they look at me like I must be crazy and insist they can't live without theirs.  Trust me, you can!

I don't have a rotary phone or anything, just an ordinary wireless landline and one with a wire connected to the wall.  I'm gonna go with the one with a wire just because it seems like hardly anyone has one of those anymore.

3)  Do you shop around when you look for clothes or do you buy the first thing you like?  

I always shop around.  AND I make sure to try things on before leaving the store!  I'm short so I have to make sure the length is right.  Plus sometimes I'll find an outfit that I just adore but then I'll try it on and it looks horrible on me.  I have a love/hate relationship with clothes shopping.  I'll love it at the store but when I get it home, I tend to hate it.

4)  Show and Tell.  What comes to mind first when you see this picture?  Or tell a story if it reminds you of one.
It looks like a nicely wrapped gift.  And this is the story it reminded me of:

About 87 million years ago, I used to work at a salon.  Every once in awhile, a gift would need to be wrapped and somehow or another, it became my official job to make it look pretty.  I don't know how or why the responsibility came to fall on me.

I'd just barely get the wrapping paper rolled out when my boss would rush over to remind me to measure the wrapping paper before cutting it.  When she could see that I'd measured and cut and would just barely start to wrap it around the gift, she'd pretty much insist on taking over, even though it was officially my job.  She'd always wrap it up so nicely and make it look like it was done professionally.

Whenever the gift was presented to the recipient, they'd invariably comment of the beautiful gift wrapping.  My boss would proudly inform them that I did it.  I'd always insist that I didn't actually have anything to do with it but my boss would never take credit for it.

16 showed me some love:

Finn said...

I would go with a pool over an airplane. I think it's because I never had one while growing up and I always felt deprived. I tried to hold out on a smart phone, but I just gave in! I am impressed you're holding out on a cell altogether!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Our Mom hates to try thing on in the store. She would rather have to make an extra trip than try on in the store. But she says she never sees anything she likes any more, so no problem:)

Fun MeMe.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Happy New Year! We are back from our longggg Holiday break.
Oh we sure did missed your interesting posts ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Finally did the blog move to WprdPress...Visit my new (WP) blog:
In order to follow my blog, subscribe to my blog feed (details on my blog) and add my url to your blog reader. Lots of Golden Thanks

Sketching with Dogs said...

Oh, I would love my own swimming pool, even though I'm not that good a swimmer.
I don't think there's any antiques in our house - apart from the inhabitants, lol.
I often buy the first thing I like in a shop then immediately regret it when I get home.
Your boss sounds like a pretty nice person.
Hugs, Lynne x

The Life of Riley said...

You not having a cell phone is interesting. I can't think of anyone I know (younger than 70) who does not have a cell phone - though why we all need to have one is crazy .... lots of marketing I suspect (as so much money is spent buying the latest model and using the things). Good on you for being different and just using what works for you.

Maggie Mae and Max said...

What a fun post. :)

Your Buddy,

booahboo said...

a nicely wrapped gift is always nice to receive. It shows the person took the effort to make it look nice and that's more important than whatever that might be inside it.

a very nice meme to share :) i always buy clothes without trying *LOL* but i hardly buy much clothes now.

Happy New Year to you... and thank you for your concern and wishes. We are happy to have you as our friend and thank you for always dropping by to say hi.

jen said...

Hoe fun! I love your creative answers!
I use to buy the first thing I saw when I was out shopping and then I got a little wiser that that is not always the best thing!

Lorenza said...

My mom hates shopping. And shopping for clothes are the worst for her! Haaa!
Kisses and hugs

Ruby said...

I would want a swimming pool, maybe Id then learn swimming:) I usually shop around and most often I do wonder why I bought the dress, I often pick similar clothing same pattern and design only different colors :(( This post sure is fun!

Ruby said...

Hello again, Sprinkles! There is a special award for your blog on mine. If you wish, please accept the award and pass it on to 5 other blogs that you appreciate. Cheers, Ruby!

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

You have nothing to blog about...I say that almost everyday:)
No cell phone, unusual but not crazy (we have limited cell use with pre-pay but it works for us)

The Daily Pip said...

I have absolutely no talent when it comes to wrapping gifts. Mine always look like a five year old wrapped them.

I would go with the airplane, too.

Pip's mom

julie fedderson said...

I'm missing that gene that allows you to wrap beautiful gifts, too. Thank goodness for those big Christmas sacks.

Sagira said...

Those are some fun questions. We would choose the pool though, mom is scared of flying so a plane would go to waste over here. :)

Zona said...

I've missed you!!! I loved learning more about you in this post! BBT is new tonight... and for the next six shows! Yahoo!!

Zona and Mom

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