Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Meme

So sorry to hear about Benny's passing.  Too many of our Blogville furiends have been crossing over the bridge lately.  Makes me so sad!  RIP, Benny!
Took this from here.  

1.  Are you clumsy?

Very!  The older I get, the clumsier I get!  

2.  What does home mean to you?

Home is where the heart is.  Not to sound cliche, but it's so true!  I think it's where you're happiest.  

3.  What's the worst injury you've ever sustained?

So 87 bazillion years ago, back when I still lived with my parents, I came home from work one day and stepped up onto the porch.  In a move that only *I* could ever pull off, I somehow slipped between the porch and the house.  One leg was dangling between the porch and the house, and I smacked my head against the side of the house really good.  To this day, I'm still not sure how I managed to pull this off.  My father heard the commotion and came to pull me out.

The entire back of my thigh was bruised for weeks, as well as my butt.  As my bruise healed, it began to itch.  I could barely walk or sit.  I didn't go to the doctor because I didn't have health insurance.  Looking back, I really wish I would have gone anyways.  

I'm not sure if this is the cause of my hip problems or not.  Once it healed fully, I was fine for a long time.  Once the hip began to become a real problem and kept me going to the doctor regularly for awhile there, I had a CAT scan and was sent to a bone specialist.  He wanted me to get an MRI, but my insurance wouldn't pay for it.  He said that my hip looked like it hadn't fully developed, or something.  The MRI was supposed to give him a clearer picture, but I was never able to get it done.  

4.  Show and tell.  What comes to mind first when you see this picture?  Or tell a story if it reminds you of one.  
My original thought is that it would a fun place to explore, especially at Halloween time as a haunted house!  But then I saved the image and it was named Heilstatten, which I'd never heard of.  After Googling it, I discovered it's an abandoned sanatorium which once housed Hitler.  Suddenly, it no longer appeals to me.

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Sketching with Dogs said...

I was just looking of pictures on MSN of abandoned asylums around the world the other day. Very strange creepy places.
Wow, that is quite an injury you had, must have been really painful.
Lynne x

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