Monday, November 25, 2013

Moody Monday

This is supposed to be a vacay week, but I have so much homework!!!  If anyone wants to help me out, lemme know...  This is what I have to do by next Monday:

-One paper on fracking 

-One paper on wolves from the perspective of livestock organizations

-One paper that's a 19th century review on Frankenstein or Dracula

-One paper on a Nova program - Fractals:  Hunting the Hidden Dimension

-Three sections of math.  (I got through one section and part of another before getting hopelessly stuck!)

If you wanna help a girl out, let me know which you want to do, and I'll send you the deets on that particular assignment.  LOL
For the past four weeks or so, I've been trying to make a point to visit everyone at least once a week.  I only usually go back about the past day or so, so if I've been missing commenting on your blog, you probably are posting on days when I'm not visiting.  I don't have time to visit everyday anymore, which makes me really sad.
Took this from here.

1.  Which is creepier in your house:  a big spider, or a big millipede?

Definitely the big spider.  I *HATE* spiders!!!  Although the millipede might creep me out a bit too.

2.  How do you start when you set out to make a sandcastle?

Wow, haven't done this since I was a kid!  I used to collect a bunch of sand in a bucket.  Once it was packed in and filled to the top, I'd dump it over and work around that.  I was never very good at making them, but I didn't often get to the chance to practice, either.

3.  Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you've ever received.

I used to work in a call center, once upon a time.  It was not a fun job, but it was ultimately the one I learned the most from.  We used to have to have regular meetings with the boss to discuss our performance.  At one of these meetings, I casually mentioned to her that I'd really like to move to a different department within the company.  I would be off the phones, and have very little customer contact.  It seemed perfect, especially considering I dealt with screaming customers all day long.  

My boss did a ton of research not only on the department, but on the managers there as well.  She also let me practice mock interview skills and helped me prepare a resume.  It took about a month before I was finally notified that I'd gotten the job.  At my very last manager meeting at the call center, I asked my boss why she did all that for me.  (She did it for other coworkers, as well.)  She told that while she certainly wasn't trying to push me out the door, she never wanted me to feel like working there was the best that I could do.  She wanted to see me succeed, and if she could help out along the way, she would do whatever she could.  I'm sure I'll never have a boss like that again!

3.  Show and tell.  What comes to mind first when you see this picture?  Or tell a story if it reminds you of one.  
It's a really pretty scene - one that reminds me of something you might see used for a jigsaw puzzle.  

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Unknown said...

OMD that is a lot of homework. Yikes to all creepy crawlies. What a great boss you had there.No worries we see you when we see you. Have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly.

Sketching with Dogs said...

You are right, I could just imagine that scene on the lid of a jigsaw. Hope you get all your homework done okay, gahhh, wouldn't you think they could let you have one holiday where you actually get a rest!
Lynne x

Ruby said...

Wows, I wish I could help you with those assignments, butts I suck at writin' papers and at math!! Sorry, Ma says your on your own! BOL
I hopes you get some time to just visit with your friends and veg out!!
(that's what Ma has planned!!)
Ruby ♥

jen said...

Wowzer on the homework! I would help you but I think that would hurt your grade :)

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