Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Meme

Whew!!!  I just had the past week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, but it sure didn't feel like much of a vacation!  This is just a sample of what I did:

-Wrote four essays
-Put together one presentation, including power point and script
-1.5 sections of math (Supposed to have done 3)
-Caught up on lots of reading for classes

I still have at least one more presentation to put together in the next week, and possibly/probably another - plus whatever other assignments my professors come up with at the last minute.  And once that's all done, I'll still have finals!  I'm ready for another vacation just thinking about it!!!

Took this from here.  

1.  Whose thoughts would you most like to read?

Any genius'!  Hopefully that would allow me better insight into how the world really works.  My luck, they'd be thinking about what to have for dinner, though!

I really like to read my dogs' minds.  I wonder what they think about.  

2.  How do you feel when someone smiles at you?

I don't usually put too much thought into it, unless it's some cute guy.  Then that makes me feel really good!

If I'm having a bad day and someone smiles at me, sometimes it makes things a little better right in that moment.

3.  If you were allowed to teach any course (real or made up) at any university in the world, where would it be and where would you teach?

Long ago, I went to beauty school.  I discovered I didn't really care for doing hair so much, but I loved doing makeup.  We got very little instruction on the proper method of applying it in school though.  Once I began to work in the salon, we would go to various shows to further our education.  I was lucky enough to attend a 3 day class on how to do makeup, and I absolutely loved it!  One of the best parts is that we all had to bring in a model to work on.  Because not everyone's face is the same, we would rotate the models for even more practice.  Unfortunately, there's not a lot of call for makeup application where I live.  I still remember a lot of what we learned there that weekend, and use it today in applying my own makeup.

That's what I would do - teach people how to apply makeup!  Sometimes I wish I could walk up to people and tell them their makeup looks terrible and offer to do a free makeover for them.  That would be rude though, so I never say anything.  As for where I would teach, I don't know.  Maybe I'd teach at the school I currently attend.

4.  If you could be buried or have your ashes spread anywhere at all, where would it be?

Years ago, I had this dream that was kind of like watching a movie.  I was looking down from above - I was far away at first, then got closer.  A young boy and a girl were playing chase in a field of daisies, laughing all the while.  It was fun to watch them, and after awhile, I somehow just knew that that field was my final resting place.  There was no grave marker though, so I'm not sure how I knew this.  

Maybe a field of daisies?!

5.  Show and tell.  What comes to mind first when you see this picture?  Or tell a story if it reminds you of one.  
It doesn't really remind me of anything.  How about you?  It just looks like an old building to me.

3 showed me some love:

Unknown said...

Not sure about whose thoughts but always smile back and ashes spread for us and to teach a hard language anywhere as we are rubbish at languages.
Have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Jenny Woolf said...

It looks like a building that has been bombed. I have seen many pictures of Middle eastern scenes like this lately, but perhaps that is just me. Maybe my choice of what it is, says a lot about my personality or something! :)

Sketching with Dogs said...

I would love to read dog's minds too - goodness knows how they think!
There is a beautiful secluded spot in the woods near us where I have always said I would love my ashes to be scattered. Your dream sounds beautiful and so prophetic.
Lynne x

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