Monday, August 17, 2015

Can You Feel the Burn?

Heartburn, that is.
I've dealt with it from time to time over the past 87 or so years. (No, I'm not really that old.  Just feels like it sometimes.)  Lately I seem to be having a raging case of it.  I think it's from all of the stress that I've had lately.  Studies show that it's not caused by stress, but that seems to be when mine is the worst.  Does anyone have any cheap home remedies to stop it?  I had a particularly bad, bad, bad case of it last night.  

Happy to report that Chico's little head is almost completely healed now.  He's got just a few small scabs left, compared to the one big scab all over the back of his head from a week ago.  The antibiotics and steriod really did the trick for him.

Took my car in last week because I was having trouble starting it.  Cost me $350 just to have the mechanic tell me I should start seriously considering a new car.  Without a job, that won't be happening any time soon.  It works now, but the "check engine" light still comes on and off.  When hooked up to the machine that's supposed to read whatever the code is to say what's wrong with it, nothing comes up.  A new starter, an oil change and two new tires later, I've spent well over $500 of money that I seriously did not have last week.  I need a car to get to job interviews, so there wasn't a lot of choice in the matter.

Speaking of interviews, I went to the school career center last week.  It seems like before I went to school I was getting about an interview or so a week.  Sometimes I'd go a week or two and not have any, then I'd have two in one week.  And now that I graduated with a degree?  NO ONE IS CALLING!!!  The lady I saw was somewhat helpful.  She gave a few suggestions for my resume, like putting my education up at the top rather than the bottom so that employers will immediately see that I'm newly graduated.  She also said that I'm doing all of the right things with networking, informational interviews, volunteering, applying for jobs several times a week, sending out my resume to employers that aren't necessarily hiring right now but will be in the future, etc.  So why is no one interviewing me?  So frustrating!  I thought that I'd get more interviews with a college education, not less!  She said that on average, it takes 6 months to a year to find a job after graduation.  :(  I go back this week for interview tips.  I really feel like this is my downfall area, so hopefully she can offer some great ideas for when I actually do get called in.  

What's new with you?

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Ziggy Stardust said...

Mommy has that heartburn thing and it is no fun for her either. I hope you feel better.

Ziggy Out!!

Jenny Woolf said...

Best get your doctor to check it and he can prescribe you Lansoprazole. Otherwise you can mix bicarbonate of soda with a water (just a little) and drink it and that will neutralise the acid cos it is very alkaline. It's high in sodium though so not that healthy to keep drinking it which is why it's best to get the doctor to prescribe something better. Or you might be able to buy it over the counter in the US I don't know.... good luck!

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