Monday, November 30, 2015

Chico's Latest Update

Winter is here and the roads are getting nasty.  Rather than driving 60 miles two towns over, I felt it best to have Chico's bloodwork completed at our local vet's office, which is probably 5 miles away at best.  I took him in last week and was able to get his results back in about half an hour.

Everything was exactly the same.  There were no changes whatsoever!  I was really shocked because Chico had been doing so well!  He's gained weight, his sores have healed, his hair is growing back.  And yet his white blood cell count is sky high.  This was so not the news I had wanted to hear!  I know the steroid is only treating the symptoms and not the cancer, but I truly thought he would be doing better!

The vet reminded me that his office doesn't offer chemo treatments, so anything further regarding Chico's cancer will all need to come from the oncologist's office.  The vet did give me another refill of the steroid meds, at least.

So that's where we stand as of right now.  I haven't decided what to do from here.  I would love to get him the chemo treatments, but I don't have the money.  There really isn't anything closer where we could go for his treatments, and the roads are just going to get worse as winter progresses.  At the same time, he's my responsibility, which means I need to do all I can for him.  My heart is breaking for him.

In addition to the steroids, the groomer place where he gets his nails trimmed recommended green beans for his dry skin.  I've just started giving him a little bit of ginseng too, which is supposed to help kill cancer cells.  So far he seems to be tolerating it well.  He only gets a little bit each day though because he's so little.

My laptop has decided it doesn't want to charge again, so I haven't been able to get around to say hello.  Anyone wanna buy me a new laptop for Christmas?  J/K  I need to fight with it some more and hopefully get it charged up again.  And then I'm not going to move it from there unless I absolutely have to!

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Linda said...

I'm so sorry to hear Chco is not doing as well as you'd hoped. I went through a similar agonizing situation with my cat Windy. She was 15 years old and diagnosed with cancer in 2008. The oncologist felt like there was an 85% chance she'd respond well to chemo. So we started chemo. Unfortunately, she did not do well. She was miserable. She couldn't keep food down. She got really bad diarrhea. It was miserable for us both. I finally came to the realization her quality of life had degraded so much that it was time to let her go. To this day I regret my decision to start chemo. I'm not sure I'd ever make that same decision with another furbaby. I've leaned never say never and each situation is different. My cats Pepper, Dublin, and I will continue to send warm, fuzzy thoughts and prayers your way.

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

I am so sorry that you didn't get the news you wanted. Sending you hugs.

Ziggy Stardust said...

My paws are crossed for Chico. I am sending love and lots of hugs.

Ziggy Out!!

Scooter said...

Oh, Chico I'm sorry your dogtor didn't have different news for you, BUTT I think it's excellent that you've picked up weight and your ouchies are better. That's definitely good! I'm sending you and your Mom lots of warm hugs and for you, extra healing vibes and POTP, my furiend.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Furiend

Jenny Woolf said...

I'm sorry you didn't hear what you hoped to hear, but it is good that Chico's symptoms are being treated and he is going to be feeling so much better.

The Daily Pip said...

Oh I am so sorry about Chico. Sending you and him lots of love and support. Have you heard of Frankie's Friends I know they offer some financial assistance for owners who aren't able to afford treatment. No idea how hard it is to apply or how many people they help.

Please know we are thinking of you and all praying for Chico!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We are sorry the news wasn't better. We too send you lots of love and hugs and crossed paws.

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

We are sorry that the news was not BETTER... butt it does mean that he is holding it at bay... and THAT is a good thing... We totally understand the problems with the travel in winter... This is so Difficult to try and decide WHAT is best fur our furend Chico. Maybe Chico will make the decision fur you... ask him.

Kathy G said...

Prayers for both you and Chico.

booahboo said...

So sorry to hear about Chico. We are sorry we are not blogging and have not been keeping contact with most of you.

Hv you heard of the "turmeric paste"? It has work wonders for some dogs.. horses.. humans. The fb group... its a close group. Join it and read some info there... and see if you wanna try it for your dog.

Turmeric is an asian spice that we use almost everyday in our cooking. It has many benefits. Dommy and the rest of the doggies here have turmeric everyday in the food. It has not turn them yellow yet :) Hope it helps with Chico in whichever way. If he's not on chemo, you can try it. Most importantly... read the infos there on the page.

Take care now.. and catch up with you alls again one day.

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