Monday, October 3, 2016

How Random

It's funny how you can meet someone, get to know them pretty well, and then either you or they end up leaving.  You can't fathom a situation when you'll see them again.  You may be really sad about that, or it could make you really happy.  And then one day, seemingly out of the blue, they're back again.  This has happened to me a couple of times.  I thought that this was going to be the case this coming week with a former coworker who accepted a temp job where I work.  I didn't care for her before as she never missed an opportunity to insult me.  I saw her come in for an interview and knew she'd been hired.  But then she got a permanent full time position with another company so she won't be working there after all.  

Facebook has been a wealth of information this past week!  A college friend announced her pregnancy and she tagged some guy I had never heard of before.  I thought that was kind of odd that she was tagging him since she was married to a different guy.  Turns out she apparently got a quickie divorce and is now dating someone else.  Who knew?  And then for some completely unknown reason I decided to look up an old boss I haven't spoken to in several years.  I learned that she's now a young widow.  So sad!  

I ride a commuter van to work and am one of the last people dropped off in the morning.  There's a small park we drive by most mornings and one day last week we saw several deer there.  Unfortunately it was too dark and we drove by too quickly to get any pictures.  I was driving home from the drop off point one evening last week and got to see a very large double rainbow!  The top rainbow was very light, the inside rainbow was very intense and every single color stood out clearly.  I pulled over and took a picture but the top rainbow didn't really come through.  Oddly, there hadn't been any rain so I'm not sure where the rainbow came from.  

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The Menagerie Mom said...

It sure is strange, the curveballs life can throw us. You never know what each day will hold. I'm glad that you won't have to work alongside someone who goes out of their way to insult you. I feel bad for people like that, as it makes you wonder what happened for them to become that way. Your picture of the double rainbow is gorgeous! I can see both of the rainbows! Have a wonderful Monday!

Sketching with Dogs said...

Bet it was a big relief when the unpleasant girl found a different job.
It seems you can find all sorts of things from Facebook. Such a shame about your former boss.
Lynne x

The Daily Pip said...

I agree is is always weird when people leave your life and then end up appearing again in some weird random situation.

Hope you made a wish on that rainbow.

Louis the Blogging Dog said...

It's true that life is full of surprises!
Your Furrend
Louis Dog Armstrong

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