Friday, April 16, 2010

Half Full Friday!

No Blog of the Week this week.  Not because I'm all out of ones to promote but because I'm lazy.  I haven't been home much this week and the blog I want to feature will require more than just a line or two.  BOTW will be back next week.

Today I went to my Job Assistance meeting and started crying.  I feel like I've worked so hard to find a job and nothing is happening.  I apply and apply and apply and rarely hear anything back.  I call back to follow up and almost always have to leave a voice mail.  Which no one returns.  So I call again and leave another voice mail.  My phone doesn't ring.  I've had several people review my resume and everyone has told me it looks great.  Very few have offered suggestions on how to improve it so I started having people look over my cover letters.  Again, very few suggestions given.  So what am I doing wrong?

It's been a hard week because it started out with my car not working, then there was the 6 month anniversary of being fired from my job along with the 3 year anniversary of my dog dying.  So I've been having a pity party for myself all week.

Sorry, just had to vent.  Let's move on, shall we?  Half-Full Friday always makes me feel better.

If you want to join in the fun, head over Eyegirl's and tell Mr. Linky I said hi!
I'm happy I got my car fixed!

I'm happy that I'll be an aunt in September to a bouncing baby boy!

I'm happy I got to have dinner with a friend this week! 

I'm happy the power company is going to remove an annoying tree growing through my fence free of charge for me!  I tried to kill it once but it came back stronger than ever. 

I'm happy the weather was fairly decent most of this week!  

I'm happy the yard is going to be mowed this weekend!  I just wish I didn't have to do it myself.  I hate yard work. 

Hope all my wonderful readers have a fabulous weekend!

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Cocorue said...

despite all the "bad" news, you still have a positive attitude and i'm laughing because i like your sense of humour!

chin up girl and things can only go up from here

chikisses and have a happy weekend
coco & tiffy

sprinkles said...

I've missed you Coco and Tiffy!

Maxmom said...

Hey there Sprinkles
Yes, as Coco says...hang in there!
...and yes, you are so able to conjure up the positivity...that will keep you going.
Sending lotsaluv to you!

Zuzana said...

I am sorry you have felt a bit blue this week. But you know, we all do once in a while. And it is good to acknowledge that we are in a bad mood, so well done.;)
It is funny in life, as everything is relative. If it is any consolation, we will always find something to worry about. I have a very good job, nice house and I still worry a lot about stuff and get sad once in a while.
I am sure very soon you will find work. It is just really bad times right now, but it is bound to turn around. Just do not give up.
Wishing you a lovely weekend dear friend,

the booker man said...

hiyas, miss sprinkles!!
i am so happy that you came by to visit my bloggie. thanks bunches and bunches, and i'd love to be your friend. :)
my mama and i read your beautiful tribute to miss frisky in your last post. we are sorry you are feeling the sadness. my mama sends lots of huggles to you. i am sending lots of gooey nose kisses cuz those always make my mama feel better. i hope they help you feel better, too.
miss coco is totally right. you are full of the positivity even though there is the negativity around you. don't give up!
the booker man

Melissa said...

We all have bad days or weeks but I'm glad you're feeling better about things!

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