Monday, April 26, 2010

Second Annual Doggone Dog Swap

This past Saturday I took my comforter to the laundrymat down the street to wash it.  (I have my own washer and dryer but my comforter is too big and doesn't fit.)  Got all done there and took it home and put it on my bed.  That evening I lifted Chico up on the bed and OMG, he had to sniff every square inch of that thing!  I don't remember him doing that last time.

Also on Saturday, I decided to sit in bed and read before going to sleep.  Shiver thinks my lap is his personal sitting place designed just for him so he sat down and did his best to stick his face between me and the book.   That's when I noticed his top lip.  It looked like he was wearing a thin layer of lipstick.  Upon closer inspection, it looked like he rubbed it raw on something.  It doesn't seem to bother him but I can't figure out what he was doing to get like that.

So last year I held this same swap and it was actually a lot of fun!
No, we aren't swapping our dogs!  Although every now and again I wouldn't mind swapping mine for one who is better behaved!  BOL  No, this swap is an exchange of doggie goodies!  The rules are pretty simple:

1.  You can only swap for up to three dogs.  If you have more than three, don't despair.  You can still participate but you'll have to decide which three will join the swap.  I'll do my very best to match you up to someone who has the same number of dogs.

2.  The maximum you can spend before postage is $30.  You don't have to spend that much but you can't spend more than that!

3.  You'll need to let me know when you sent your package and when you get yours.  Last year I only heard back from a couple of people that they sent/received their goodies.  If I discover that you received one but never sent one out, you'll be outted and blacklisted from participating in the future!

4.  You must post about the swap once you receive your package.  I want to see what you got!  Again, most of the participants last year didn't do this so I don't know if everyone followed through or not.  Thanks to those that did!

5.  Last but not least, HAVE FUN!!!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please email the following information to me at

1.  The name(s) of your dog
2.  Male or female
3.  Breed of dog and size (small, medium, large, xlarge)
4.  Is there anything your dog cannot have?
5.  Is there anything in particular that your dog really likes?  Examples of this might be a certain kind of toy or treat.

***Edit:  I'll also need your address!  You know, to give your partner so they know where to send your goodies!  Your address will be only shared with your swap partner!***

Once I determine who will be set up with who, I'll email you back from a different email address with your partner's information.

I'll need your information no later than May 5th!  That gives you approximately 10 days to get back to me.
***New Edit:  Due to the kindness of other bloggers posting about this swap at the last minute, the last date to participate will be extended to May 12th so additional people can join .***

Please feel free to post about this if you decide to join in the fun.  After all, the more the merrier!  Last year, "Tails" of Groomer Angie and My Chihuahua Bites were kind enough to help me get the word out.  Of course, it's not a requirement so don't feel like you have to post about it if you don't really want to.

I didn't specify last year whether or not people outside of the US could participate and had someone from Canada join in.  It never occurred to me that someone from another country might read about it and want to do it too.  So yes, even if you don't live in the US, you can still do the swap.  You'll likely be partnered up with someone else from outside the US although not necessarily, it all depends on who else decides to take part.

7 showed me some love:

Zuzana said...

My cat sniffs anything foreign, that comes from the outside, like shopping bags. He is completely excited by them, also new clothes and shoes.;)
Good luck with your "dog" swapping.;)))
Have a lovely day,

Sketching with Dogs said...

Hope Shiver's lip is healing now. Have fun with your dog swap.

Life With Dogs said...

This is a wonderful idea! I'm happy to spread the word.

Have you thought of making a picture badge to spread the word a little further? :)

koko said...

I bet Chico is having a mini sniffpedition on the bed... just to make sure that the cleaner has all the corners covered... good luck on the dog swap, I'll be watching at the sidelines :)

Licks, hero

Diana Chiew said...

Great game that you are hosting but guess we are not participating. Our humans are just too lazy. Hehehe...don't let them read this. Have fun and good luck!

AndreaLeigh said...

I'm glad you are doing this again! I am on a bit of a budget (formula is expensive, darn it!) so I have to pass. Email me a reminder and I'll try to get it posted this week.

Unknown said...

So fun! I just came across this from one of the blog I read! I hope I'm not too late to join!

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