Friday, May 28, 2010

Half Full Friday and Blog of the Week

It's time for Half Full Friday!  If you want to participate, head on over to Eyegirl's and spend the day with Mr. Linky.
I'm happy my neighbor mowed my front yard for me!  I'm sure going to miss him when his house finally sells.  I doubt my new neighbors will be nice enough to do little things like that for me.

I'm happy the snow from Saturday melted by Sunday!

I'm happy one of my rosebushes has lots of little buds on it!

I'm happy my violet has one tiny little bud on it! 

I'm happy I figured out how to change my password after someone hacked into my email account!

I'm happy that even though it was a chilly week, the sun still managed to come out here and there!

I'm happy I finally figured out how to get my pictures to post where I want them!
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It's been a chilly week here filled with rain.  I actually don't mind the rain for the most part because it means I don't have to water the lawn.  I'm hoping it warms up and stays dry though for tomorrow at least beacuse I have a yard sale to partipcate in to help raise money for the community project I work with.

I have idea how or when I found this week's Blog of the Week, which is actually a website.  I just know that it's always an entertaining read whenever I seem to have too much time on my hands.  (Which is frequent!)

The originator is John Lindsay and the oldest email I could find is from June 2009 which makes this site just about a year old.  It seems like I've been reading it for a lot longer and maybe I have, I didn't do a very extensive search of this site at all.  It's updated about every couple of weeks.

The premise of this site is a collection of emails sent to people who post classified ads.  The ads could be for anything - looking for a roommate, someone selling a car, another person needing a specific service, someone else who is looking to purchase a specific item, etc.  John's goal is "to mess with them, confuse them and /or piss them off."  He does an excellent job of it!  He says only about 10% of people respond back to him and I can see why.  He also says he changes the names to protect the innocent.

He posts the original ad along with the string of emails to and from him and the person who placed the ad. Warning:  If you are easily offended, this is not the site for you!  It's hard to describe the emails without actually showing them to you so to read the most recent one, click here.  It never occurred to me that some of these emails might be made up until I read the comments.  Some people seem to think they're fake and maybe they are but I still enjoy them.

If you visit the site and decide you love it, there's a book which is available on amazon, an online store and you can also follow them on twitter and Facebook.

If you have any blogs or websites you'd like to suggest I use to post a Blog of the Week, please feel free to suggest them.  I'm always looking for new blogs and it would be fun to see what you might find too!  Or even if you want me to post about your blog, just let me know!

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Meeko Fabulous said...

Oooh! It's blocked here at work . . . Must be juicy. I'll have to check it out when I get home!

Zuzana said...

Dearest sprinkles, I love your Friday posts.;)
Your optimisms is refreshing. I can no believe you had snow last week, that would have put me on antidepressants.
It has been a chilly week here too. I am sitting outside as I type this, in my winter jacket and winter boots, hehe. I refuse to be inside, it is suppose to be summer soon after all!
Love your blog pick and you always introduce such cool sites. You should rename it to "A cool site of the week" instead.;)
Hope the sun is shinning on you today and that the yard sale is a success.
Have a lovely weekend,

koko said...

Your neighbor mowed your yard!... that's nice... and thanks for sharing some interesting blogs.

Licks, hero

Unknown said...

Gosh - I wish I had a neighbour to mow our lawn for us!!! :-)

Thanks for your lovely comment on Honey's blog. I'm sorry to hear that your jobs hunt is still ongoing but I'm sure something will turn up in time! And you're right - sometimes things have unexpected blessings - certainly, you'll always be able to get another job whereas you may not be able to enjoy this same quality time with your little boys again.

Would love to see some photos of your little Chi's doing their little dance to welcome you home! :-)


P said...

Oh my god, thanks for telling us about that website - I have looked at the most recent post and ALREADY love it!

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

OMG, that Emails from an Asshole is HYSTERICAL!!! Thanks for the link on that!!


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