Friday, August 6, 2010

Half Full Friday and Blog of the Week

Eyegirl's blog is on hiatus for the month of August while she's busy getting married to The One but I'm continuing with Half Full Friday just because I'm very negative by nature and forcing myself to come up with things that have made me happy during the week helps me realize that maybe my life isn't always as bad as I think it is.
I'm happy I went to the classic car show this past Sunday!

I'm happy someone I had just barely met was nice enough to buy me an ice cream sandwich at the car show!

I'm happy I got a hair cut yesterday! 

I'm happy I've gotten to petsit my mom's bird and fish all week!  The fish isn't so exciting but the bird is always fun.

I'm happy I had a phone interview this week!

I'm happy I ran into an old friend yesterday!

I'm happy I found a new volunteer opportunity!

The phone interview went well up until I was asked what qualities a teller should have.  My mind went completely blank and alls I could think of was attention to detail.  Seriously, that's all!  I got a little annoyed that the interviewer lady kept asking me, "What else, what else?" and I had nothing else to say.  Of course, as soon as we hung up, I thought, "Helpful, friendly, accurate, assertive but not pushy, knowledgable," but the interview was over by then.  I really thought about calling back but decided my time was up and I'd done all I could.  If I hear back from them, great!  And if not, well...I won't be surprised. 

This has been an interesting week with friends!  Years ago I worked with a girl and she moved to Germany with her husband.  (He's in the military.)  Since then, we've kept in touch on and off through the years.  She's living in Guam now and I hadn't heard from her in awhile so I was checking her facebook page.  I found out through a posting that her daughter was hit by a drunk driver and her best friend was killed and the friend's husband is in ICU.  He just came out of a coma this week and is making remarkable progress.  Her daughter had 18 staples in her head, a fractured skull, over 100 stitches in her right arm, a shattered ankle, fractured ribs and numerous bruises all over her body.  After seeing pictures of the car, it's a miracle any of them survived!

Yesterday, I started volunteering.  I'm bored sitting at home all day every day and this will get me out and about.  I had hoped that maybe I might make some job contacts when I initially thought about volunteering but this particular job isn't gonna do it.  But it might look good on a job application!  The company that I used to go to for the job assistance (that really didn't provide any assistance at all) hands out free food once a week to the poor and the homeless.  I've never had to use this particular service but I'm aware I'm only weeks away from needing it.  I'll be helping to set up, hand out food and tear down/clean up every week.  So far, it's actually quite fun!  I was surprised at how grateful and polite people were.  And friendly too!  This will be a once a week activity and I'm actually really looking forward to going again next week.

Which brings me back to another friend!  I was shocked to see my very best friend from high school there!  I think she was just as shocked to see me too.  We'd lost touch so I didn't realize her life hadn't turned out so well.  We didn't get to talk for long because it would've held up the line.  I think she was a little embarassed to have me see her there picking up food.  I didn't tell her that I might be in line right behind her very soon.  It was so good to see her again.  The last time we talked, she seemed so different from the girl I knew.  And yesterday, I found that girl again; I just wish I found her in different circumstances.

Fiesty Three made a pretty cool badge yesterday.  I keep meaning to add it and Molly's and Shelby's badges to my sidebar but so far I just haven't seem to have gotten around to it.  I have no excuse other than pure laziness.
We have had so much sad news in the DWB community lately.  We are furry sad about Bear Bear and Dr. Dre.  We are also furry worried about our furiend Phantom.  We asked Moms, if she could help us do something about it.  She suggested that we start a DWB prayer chain for all of our furiends.  So, please join us in the Paws of Prayer circle by posting to your bloggies!
Which brings me to this week's Blog of the Week!  I've mentioned Skeletor before.  I've followed him from the beginning and have truly fallen in love with this sweet dog!  If you've kept up with his story, you know he isn't doing so well right now.  In an effort to bring more awareness to his situation, Wesley has created a new webpage dedicated solely to Skelly.
It's a work in progress right now but in the future, he hopes it will be another way to help spread the word about him and his condition.

Just a short one this week because I've blathered on way too long already. 

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Zuzana said...

Happy Friday dear sprinkles.;) For once I get to read your Friday post on a Friday actually.;)) And morning on top of it.;)
You always have so much to be be happy about and I think you are a more positive person than you think.
I am so sorry about your friend and her ordeals. I guess when we are faced with what others go through, our own troubles pale in comparison.
Have a great TGIF,

Sketching with Dogs said...

Good luck with your phone interview. I think the volunteering is a good idea, when employers see it they will know you are a hard working motivated person.
I am so sorry to hear about your friend, I hope her daughter and her friends husband are soon on the mend.
I hope your other friend's circumstances improve for her soon.
So many tradgedies this week for our dog friends, so sad.

The Daily Pip said...

Happy Friday! I hope you hear back on the phone interview. The volunteer work sounds GREAT!

Your pal, Pip

Melissa said...

Happy Friday!

Yay for someone buying you an ice cream sandwich! :)

Draco and his Mom said...

Yay!!! you are the winner of Paw It Forward. Could you send your mailing information to along with any likes or dislikes for your pupsters. I am looking forward to shopping for your pupsters
Debra and Draco

Megan said...

Happy Friday! I like memes and such like this.

I am new to your blog and following you. I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me.


Life With Dogs said...

Good for you for fighting negativity - I fight that same battle. And if you look back at the post things sound pretty good. :)

Velvet Over Steel said...

Wow, you always have the most interesting stories each week!! Sad about both of your friends. But it sounds like the second one may have been grounded by life; which can be a good thing of course.
The volunteering sounds awesome! I wish we lived closer & I would do that with you for sure. I'll have to see if my son would do it with me some weekends. Hummm... :-)
I'm still praying for the right job to come along, & in the mean time have a wonderful weekend my friend!!!
PS. Glad we are keeping up the Half Full Fridays together! :-)

MommyLisa said...

Wow. Yes everyone is in the same boat...and thank goodness for finding friends everywhere.

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Happy Weekend!

Woofs and Kisses!
The Fiesty Three

the booker man said...

miss sprinkles,
i am sad that skelly has bad sickies again after all the grrreat progress he's made. me and asa and mama are putting our paws together for him and all our other friendz who need our thoughts right now.
mama is laughing about your phone interview mind blank cuz several years ago, she had a phone interview where things were going well, so the interviewer hooman asked mama what she thought about wednesday (as in coming in for an in-hooman interview). my dopey mama said somethingie like, "wednesdays are okay, but fridays are even better!" even more funny is that mama got that job! teeheehee.
the booker man

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