Monday, August 9, 2010

Just A Little Overwhelming!

I just wish I knew that everything was going to work out one way or another. 

I'd been considering going to a 2 year school to brush up on my office skills.  I've been in the banking industry since 2000 but most of it has been behind the scenes, with the exception of about 4 months as a Teller.  The majority of my banking career hasn't actually been in a bank branch and I've worried that applying for any kind of office job, the hiring manager might not realize that.  By having the schooling, I figured I'd be more likely to be considered for certain positions than I am now.

My thought process was that since I can't find a job right now anyways, I was hoping to live off grants for the time being and just focus solely on school for awhile.  Well, that didn't work out so well...  I only got $1200 in grants for 2 years.  I really thought I'd qualify for more.

So then I decided to go to a 4 year university near here.  A friend of mine goes to school there and makes enough in grant $ to not have to work.  Unfortunately, I'd called a week too late to be able to get into the upcoming semester.  They'd possibly make an exception for me if I could prove I'd been in the hospital or out of the country or had some other kind of extenuating circumstances.  I'm pretty sure they wouldn't make one just because I called a week too late for information. 

I've already registered and am just waiting to hear back about financial aid now.  The new semester doesn't start until January though and my unemployment runs out at the beginning of October.  I don't know how I'm going to be able to support myself between October and January so I'm freaking out a little.  Ok, a lot!  And then there's always the possibility that I still might not get enough in grants to live on.  My biggest fear right now is losing my house. 

I have so many questions and so little answers.  No wonder I can't sleep at night!

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Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

These are really some scary tough times. No matter what... my mom says that no one EVER has enough schooling/training... sooooo you are on the right track. Mom says to go back to the university and go to the Financial Aid office and ask for a hardship waiver. If they won't help... go to the campus chaplain's office and Ask THEM to help you with the Financial Aid folks... Also... be sure to tell them that YOU WOULD BE MORE THAN WILLING TO WORK OFF SOME OF YOUR TUITION...

Doris Sturm said...

I'm sorry you have so much stress. I know a lot of people who have suffered due to lack of jobs and increasing cost of living. I lost my car recently because I have too many medical bills and all I have is Medicare.
Do you belong to a church? I think belonging to a supportive organization would benefit you and talking to people will also help you get it out and off your chest. You need to clear your mind and ease your heart from that burden by giving it all up to God - or a higher Power -whatever you want to call it...sometimes life gets too much for a single person to handle and that's where friends and caring fellow human beings come it. We need to support one another and built each other up so that we gain confidence and have the faith to know that whatever it is we're going through, will all work out - somehow, even if we don't know how or when or why! Life's full of miracles and surprises. You have to have faith and do the best you can and then just give your troubles to your part and trust he'll see you through the rest.
You have the right idea about education, but keep on looking for the job you want. Sometimes employers will hire you if all you do is show that you are taking a class in the particular field you are trying to work in without having actually completed your semester.

Deborah said...

OH Boy, you do have a lot going on. I think the schooling is a very good thing. I have to think that everything always has a way to working out for the best. Maybe you will get a job this month! That would be great if you did! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Doris Sturm said...


Have you thought about renting a room/space in your home just to help you get over the hurdle so you won't lose your house? I know that thought has to be scary!

I know having renters is a bit inconvenient and intrusive, but if you interview well and check references and put down a set of ground rules (in writing) then maybe it would be an alternative. Just a thought! Maybe you could advertise a room at the college/university you want to attend and this way there would be people living there that are somewhat connected to you - you have got to be so careful when inviting someone into your home, but if you're smart about it, you can reduce the chances of something going sideways.

MommyLisa said...

Right now I am worried about paying back my student loans - I finished school in March and it really hasn't helped me find a better job.

sorry - the market is bad.

Maggie Mae and Max said...

These are such scary times for so many peoples. Mom and me agree with Frankie and his mom about going to the Financial Aid Office at your school. You never know until you ask... You are in our thoughts and prayers.

WOofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

little princess Luna~ said...

awwwww man. im so sorry to read that you're struggling and going through hard times. you just have to be strong and you'll make it. we will pray for you and cross out paws that things get better soon~!!!!


The Daily Pip said...

I also agree with Frankie. You can't go wrong with school. Something will work out soon, I just know it! Don't give up, we are all rooting for you!!!

Your pal, Pip

Martine said...

:( we are sorry.

We keep hearing the economy is getting better, but it sure doesn't seem like from where we sit.

we will pray for you.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Wish I had some great suggestion for you. I know times are tough - all I can offer you is my prayers.

Melissa said...

I would be overwhelmed too. It's a stressful time right now with the economy.

I'll send some positive thoughts your way and I hope you hear some good news soon!

koko said...

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going... do not give up and you're making the right choice by going back to school. Hope everything will turn out well, paws crossed for you.

Licks, hero

Life With Dogs said...

Way too much stress. I wish I had an easy answer. There never seems to be enough to go around, and I can feel your frustration. I hope October finds you happily employed and putting this stressful period far behind you...

Sketching with Dogs said...

Why does life have to be so hard.
I hope everything works out for you.

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Hope everything works out! We have our paws crossed!

Woofs and Kisses!
The Fiesty Three

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

That is really hard & scary. So many people are struggling right now.

George The Lad said...

I’ve just popped in to say I have given you an award, Its ok if you don’t want to except it, cus it might not be your kinder thing or you might already have it, and it comes with some conditions, the reason you have got it is you are one of my recently discovered blogs and think your blog is fantastic. I have put a link from my blog to your blog on the post”Awards from my furiends”. Pop over to me blog and see if you would like it. It’s the one with the butterfly on.
See Yea George xxx

the booker man said...

miss sprinkles,
i can totally understand why you are feelin' a little overwhelmed. i'm sorry you are having to deal with all this, and i really wish there was somethingie that i could do to help make it all betters. i do agree with what mr. frankie and his mama have to say. hopefully that will get you somewhere. i also thought miss doris had a good idea about seeing if you had a friend that could be a roomie to help you with your mortgage? me and asa and mama will be praying for you that just the right solution will come your way.
*gooey nose kisses*
the booker man

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

You are on the right track with going back to school. I knew that I had to go to secretarial school to even get my foot in the door some place. I wish you much, much luck and will be praying for you that you make it through everything all right.

Hugs, Nadine

George The Lad said...

I'm just going though my blog list and I am sorry about how insensitive its looks with my comment about the award, I gave out24 so just copyed and pasted them not looking what the post was about.
I'm sorry that you are going though a hard time, Try and keep positive, I know its not easy when poeple keep saying it will get better and so on. Because if you are going though it there never seams to be a end.(trust me I know)
Take it one day at a time and you will soon see a light at the end of the tunnel

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