Friday, September 24, 2010

Half Full Friday!

It's already time for Half Full Friday.  How did that happen?  If you want to participate, don't forget to head over to Eyegirl's and say hello to Mr. Linky.  And while you're there, please wish Eyegirl a very happy birthday!  She turned 36 earlier this week.
~I'm happy because...
I signed up for orientation for school in November!

My friend and I kind half-@$$ed of toured the school yesterday and I signed up for an official tour for next week!

My boys and I went for a walk and they didn't bark at every single person we saw along the way!

I got some new followers this week - welcome!

My old boss got fired!  I would've preferred the asst. manager got fired though.  And yes, I'm fully aware this makes me a bad person because I'm happy about someone else's failure. 

I enjoyed a large chocolate cupcake this morning that I got for free!

I got a new book to read!

So...I'm still kind of undecided about how I feel about this.  Last Sunday, I went to my parent's house for dinner, as I usually do.  When I came home, it was already dark.  There's a stop sign just before my block.  While stopped there, I happened to notice a truck in my driveway.  Pretty much anyone who knows me knows that I have dinner at my parent's house on Sunday's.  Because I was still far enough back and it was fairly dark, I didn't recognize the truck and since I share a driveway with my neighbor, I figured it must be one of his friends, although I found it odd that they'd park on my side. 

Once I pulled into the driveway, I immediately recognized the truck as belonging to the cute landscaping guy.  I couldn't imagine what he was doing there until I saw the trailer attached to the back of his truck heaping with branches.  And then I noticed my rosebushes. 

When I was over at his house for the yardsale, he'd given me a lecture on how I needed to water my grass and take better care of my rosebushes.  He seemed geniunely shocked when I told him I do water my yard!  It's green so I don't know why that would surprise him?!  He was telling me he could take care of my rosebushes for me and I could pay him or not.  I told him I wasn't going to worry about it for right now because I don't even know if I'm going to be able to keep my house.  Maybe I'd have him come help me next year if I'm still living there.

Well - this guy, that I'd only ever met once before, decided to take it upon himself to trim my rosebushes for me.  Without my permission or approval when I wasn't even home!  I was truly shocked!  I talked about it to one person and she said she would've called the cops if it her was her and have him charged with destruction of property.  Someone else said she thought he was just trying to help and that I was making too big of a deal out of the whole thing.  She didn't understand why it would bother me because he was just being nice.  I told her it bothered me because I don't even know this guy and he took it upon himself to trim them down to nothing when I wasn't home and he didn't even bother to ask.

This is what really bothered me though.  Yesterday, I volunteered with his mom.  I decided not to say anything because I really do enjoy volunteering there and want to keep the peace since I know she really enjoys it too and doesn't plan to quit anytime soon. 

The first half hour or so was fine and there was no mention of it.  Then she pulled me aside and asked if I noticed my rosebushes.  Um, how could I not?  There's pretty much nothing left of them.  Then she tells me it would be nice if I could pay her son for helping me.  My jaw dropped and finally I said that I don't even get enough from unemployment to cover my bills so no, I would not be paying him.  She then suggested I make him some cookies.  I just continued to stare at her.  Finally, she said I could at least stop by and say thank you and tell him what a good job he did.  I didn't really say anything to that.  We got back to doing our work but she kept bringing it up throughout the time we were there.  We were standing next to each other while we were handing out food so it's not like I could avoid her.  During clean up, I opted to vaccuum because I knew she'd have to leave me alone then.

Am I overreacting or would this whole situation bother you too?

In honor of my rosebushes (or rather, lack of...), here are some beautiful roses.
Source:  bing
Don't remember where this one came from

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♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

That sounds like a very perplexing situation. On the one hand, he was probably trying to find a way to be nice, but at the same time, I would worry a bit about his pushiness. Maybe just give him a call or send him a note thanking him for what he did. And add that it would really be better if he asked first. I would also be very cautious to keep him at bay a bit, it would make me a little nervous.

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

I don't know how to take the whole situation! It does sound like he was trying to do something nice for you as a surprise and when I first started reading it, the thought came into my mind that maybe he likes you? But then I got to the part of the story about his mother and what she said to you and that made me raise my eyebrows! Seriously, the nerve to ask for money for a service you didn't even ask for!!

But it's hard to get a reading on this whole situation if you're not there in person.

I second OP Pack, I would keep him at arm's length until you can find out more about him.

Natalie - Hazel and Agnes said...

Yes, I would definitely say he was overstepping his bounds. And clearly, it is a family trait because his mother did the same thing in asking you to pay him. How ridiculous! I agree with The OP Pack- keep him at a distance! I mean... who just does that??

Nice blog, btw (>^_^<)

jen said...

At first I thought, Oh how sweet..but then as I read more it did sound a bit odd.
I think I'm going to have to think a little bit more about it,
maybe he told his Mom he likes you and he was going to do something nice, but still that does not give him the right to trim your rose bushes without your permission. and then his mom asking you to pay him is just wierd...I don't know, I don't like it.
Go with your instincts

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I would trust the OP Pack. I agree totally with their advice in this instance. since you don't really know him or his mom... better SAFE than SORRY.
It is a bit strange.
CONGRATULATIONS on getting set up to go to school. THAT is GRRRREAT!!!

The Daily Pip said...

I agree with the OP Pack. He really overstepped his boundaries and trespassed on your property. I would thank him, but ask not to do it again - and then keep your distance.

Your pal, Pip

Katie S said...

It's totally fine to be happy when someone you dislike loses their job :) haha...

It is a little creepy that he came to do that and while you were gone...

And it's pretty crappy that his mom would say that to you! You don't owe him anything!

Deborah said...

I'm with the OP Pack. This is kind of strange. If he asked you first, before he did anything that would be alright, but for him to just jump in cut your rose bushes is pushy in my eyes.I would be very cautious too. Maybe just a note saying thank you and if you need him again, you will call him. I have to think on this, if you were my daughter and didn't know his mother, I would call the police, but you do know his mother so I think a note should do it. Let us know what you do. Do you get a bad feeling from him? That is the question. Maybe he was only trying to help out, but still, a little agressive.
Let us know, ok??? On a lighter note, I'm going to try to finish my book this week so I can send it to you! You will love it!

Maggie Mae and Max said...

Okay I am jumping on the OP Pack band wagon too!! I also thinks his mother should mind her own busyness....just sayin.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

What are you going to school for? I think you mentioned something about school in 1 of your posts. I'm so forgetful lately. I'd be mad too that if he cut down my rosebushes. It kind of sounds like he wanted to be paid for it. But since you told him to not worry about it, you did tell him in a way that you didn't want him to touch them. If you see him maybe say Thanks, but you didn't want your rose bushes cut trimmed or cutdown or that you didn't want that much taken off. It is a hard situation.

the booker man said...

miss sprinkles,
i agree with miss OP pack mama, too. i'd send the dude a thank you note but ask him to please not do it again without asking. it is kinda pushy that he didn't even ask permission first. i'm sorry your pretty rose bushes got chopped. :(

the booker man

pee s -- i had a really hard time gettin' past the chocolate cupcake part. heeheehee. too bad i can't nom the chocolates, though!

Zuzana said...

Oh i really enjoyed reading your blog today. I always do on Fridays as you have always so much to be happy about.;)
In regards to the boy, I think that was a very odd incident. Did you in any way ask him to do trim the roses for you? As if not, it was totally unacceptable that he did this, I would be very upset. But then again, people react in different ways. I would never touch anything that doesn't belong to me without asking and I expect no one to touch my property either.
You could talk to him to clear the whole thing out. Judging from his mom's reaction, he probably just did it for the money, but it was a lousy thing to do in that case.
Have a lovely weekend,

Doris Sturm said...

OMG - the nerve of that woman - I saw you mentioning the cute landscaper guy before, but after this, I hope you will never think about him "that" way because you definitely don't want that controlling female as your MIL, right?

I would have told her that she is lucky you didn't call the cops like some of your friends suggested you should do since a) you told him you don't have any money and would NOT be doing anything with the roses b) he did not consult you or even ask if he could trim them down to nothing and c) he came while you were gone and without permission and that if she wouldn't quit talking about it like RIGHT NOW, you might still go through with it!

What an impossible person! How rude, intrusive and abrasive can you get?

I hope this will not stop you from volunteering, but if she keeps it up, you may have to tell her and report him anyway... just to make a report so it's on record at the police station in case it ever happens again - this way you have a record of it for possible future incidences!

Kristen said...

That's quite the situation... I wish I had wise advice, but I'm in a funk right now. Blah.
The rose pics are fabulous though- I love the rainbow rose.

And I don't think you're a bad person for enjoying someone else's failure. We're human. If someone hurt you, it's natural to enjoy it a bit when they get what's coming to them.

Betsy Brock said...

You had me at large chocolate cupcake! :) Yum!

Melissa said...

I understand that he was trying to be nice. Sometimes people kind of overstep, thinking they're being helpful but really, they've just trimmed your rose bushes down to nothing.

As for his mother, it's not her business. You had already told him about your situation and you didn't ask him to do anything so you are not obligated to give him anything at all.

I would call him and say you appreciate what he did but that you were uncomfortable having someone there while you weren't there and without your permission.

Velvet Over Steel said...

Oh my goosh.... that would really bother me too! & then his mother expecting you to pay?! The nerve of some people and then to see they got it from their mother obviously! I would be very upset. The older neighbor guy who sold me my house does stuff like that. Weedeating outside my bedroom window @ 7am on a Saturday... to be nice?! Then recently he decided to mow my front yard... with his shirt off.. gross. I had people asking me why and what was going on with me and the neighbor. OMG... Nothing!! I will be praying that he leaves you alone.

Thank you for the visit and comment on my blog today. I am way behind with my visits and comments this week esp. But hopefully things will calm down after this week. I will email you and tell you all about it this week, I didn't want to stress you last week because I know you have enough of your own worries. So glad that you start classes soon. Very excited for you!!!

Take care & have a wonderful weekend!!

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