Friday, February 10, 2012

Half Full Friday!

Half Full Friday is a series of weekly posts that Eyegirl originally started in June 2009.  We believe that a lot of our happiness is determined by our attitude about the things that happen to us.  So by participating, I'm deciding to see the glass as half full instead of half empty; I'm choosing to concentrate on the positives instead of dwelling on the negatives.  The Half Full Friday posts are a way to do just that.  They're a list of the things in my life that have brought me happiness over the past week.  I'm determined to find something good in each day.  Are you?

For the next week, I'd like to challenge each of you to keep a list of at least one thing that brought you happiness each day.  Be sure to link up here once you've posted your list!  (This isn't a blog hop so please only link up if you've participated by posting your happy list.  Thanks!)
~I'm happy because...
I get to sleep in tomorrow!!!

I got the pantry reorganized so things fit in there a lot better now!

Only 6 more days the big Post Secret event!!!  Soooooo excited for this!

I got to hang out with a friend for a little bit this week!

I got the note taker job!  The school pays me so I don't have to worry about trying to collect my $75.

A classmate has agreed to let me use her power points for a class I'm currently taking that she took last semester!  She had a different professor but it's all the same information.
I apologize once again (for the millionth time, I know!) for not getting around to everyone as much as I would've liked this week.  I tried to visit everyone at least once.  This week and next week are crazy!  I have 3 exams next week and am really nervous.  I made the Dean's List last semester and would LOVE to do it again this semester.  

One of the exams is for math.  I can barely do basic arithmetic and failed the class miserably last semester.  I'm doing better so far but still struggling.  One of the other exams is for a class that I totally am not understanding.  So far it's mostly just been graphs that seem to be way over my head.  I feel like I forgot how to take notes or something.  I have all these graphs but very little written notes next to them so when I look at them a day or two later, I have no idea what they're for!  Fortunately, a classmate in a different class has agreed to let me use her power points to study from.  
(Note:  This isn't one of the graphs from my class but the ones we use are similar looking.  I even use different colored pens to differentiate the lines.)

12 showed me some love:

The Daily Pip said...

It sounds like you had a great week. Try not to stress about the exams too much. I am sure you will do great. I think math is all psychological. You are smart and you will get it!

Your pal, Pip

Finn said...

Whoa, look at that graph. That's a lot going on. You need to work for like CNN or something to get what's going on there. Enjoy sleeping in tomorrow!

Ruby said...

Graphs are boring and usually are hoodwinks ;). Good luck with your exams.

Sketching with Dogs said...

Good for you organising your cupboards, I need to do the same thing before I am killed in the avalanche!
I don't envy you having a test, I am the worst at numbers.
The Post Secret Event sounds intriguing.
Lynne x

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I always kinda LIKED BAR graphs... butt not these kinda line graphs.


Velvet Over Steel said...

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Great list and I totally understand about being crazy busy!!

Congrats on getting the additional job and helping that student.

Have a wonderful and warm weekend!! (It's freezing here!)

Coreen XO

Evil Freddy! said...

Mu ha ha ha!

Sagira said...

Congrats on the note taker job, that is really cool! :)

Jenny Woolf said...

hOpe you can master the math now. It used to be a nightmare for me, I am so glad I never have to do another one in my life!! every means of learning about it would be helpful.... never thought of power point.

Maggie Mae and Max said...

YaY fur your job! Now puleeze do not worry 'bouts comin' to visit cuz you is very busy now, we understand. Our mom has been busy too and we haven't been able to visit our furiends much either. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae and Max

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

SO good to get the pantry organized:) You always have great lists...We understand that you cannot get around to all the blogs, I can't either

Zuzana said...

Dear sprinkles, I am too out of the time so I know how you feel.;) That graph is driving me insane, i hated math and you have my sympathies for struggling with this subject today.,))
Keeping my fingers crossed for your exams, have a great week.;)

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