Monday, May 21, 2012

The Nickname Game

Yes, we're fashionably late to the party!  Sorry, Sarge!  We're gonna play along anyways, even though we know you've already chosen the winners of your cool prizes.

Here are the rules:
1.  Sometime between May 11th and the end of the day on May 18th, create a post on your own blog where you list all of the nicknames you've been called by your peeps.
2.  Invite your friends to comment with their own vote for his/her favorite of your nicknames.  For the following week, your peeps all have to call you ONLY BY YOUR WINNING NICKNAME!  BOL
3.  Leave a comment for me so that I know you pawticipated.
Shiver:  Shivs, Shivvy, Shivers, Shiverton, Shivvy Baby, Shivvy Shiv, Shivvy McShiverton, Shivvy Baby
Chico:  Cheeks, Cheekers, Chicohuahua, Chicerton, Chicos, Chi Chi, Horndog  (this is a new one)
***Sometimes when I call them by their individual names, like when they're outside in the yard, they ignore me.  But if call, "Shiverchico," they'll come rushing right over!
This is my dad's beagle, Scamp:  Scampers, Scamperton, Scampus, Scamperdoodle, Scampery

Which nicknames are your favorites of the ones listed here?  

***Don't furget to sign up fur my annual Doggone Dog Swap!  You only have until the end of the month to join in.

10 showed me some love:

Finn said...

I like Shivvy Shiv, Cheekers, and Scampus!

Scooter said...

Hey Wylde One!
Wow, I think these are really fun nicknames and I'm going to vote for Shiverton, Chicerton and Scamperon! Those all sound very chic and they all go together nicely. BOL. That's so fun. Thanks for playing along with us and I hope you gets lots to join your Swap!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge A Licious

Sketching with Dogs said...

Loving the photos of the kids!
Chihuahuas certainly like their home comforts :)
I like Shiverton, Chicohuahua and Scampus best.
Lynne x

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

They all made me giggle!

MommyLisa said...

We call our cat Roofis, Roofis McGoofis, Stinky, Roofy, or just plain ol' lazy cat. ;) I like Scamperdoodle.

Tiny Tess said...

Hello, popping by to say thank you for the birthday wishes
We, as in me and George didn't get to take part :) mom calls me shabby chic :( I like Shivvy, Cheeks and Scampers as the nick names.
I will get mom to send you an email
Love and Hugs Tess xxx

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Never too late to share in the fun. We like Shivvy, Cheekers, and Scamperdoodle:)

Woos - Blue Eyes, Thunder Dunder, Prissy Sissy, and Flash a.k.a. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Lorenza said...

Shiverton, Chicohuahua and Scamperon!
Kisses and hugs

The Daily Pip said...

I like Shivvy Shiv and Horndog!

Your pal, Pip

Unknown said...

Hee! Hee! Those are cute nicknames for the pups!

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