Monday, July 9, 2012

Bits of Randomness

Yesterday, I enjoyed a Starbucks White Chocolate Doubleshot Engery drink.  Soooooooo good, it's like an orgasm in a can!  I could feel the extra energy almost from the first sip, which helped get me through a busy day.   It also kept me up half the night, lol!  I could have really used this last semester.
I invited my mom over for dinner last night.  I don't cook much, but the meal turned out pretty good!  One dish could have definitely cooked a little longer, but now I know for next time.  The desert was the best - Haagen-Dazs White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Ice Cream.  If you've not tried this yet, rush out and buy some as soon as possible!

 I don't know if I should be more annoyed at my computer, my camera or myself.  See, I have my pix for the dog swap all ready to post.  I used to upload pictures to my pc but it's pretty much worthless these days and I only really use it now to print when I need to.  One of my laptops needs a new cord and I can't charge it until I get one.  My other laptop, when I hooked my camera up to it, the pictures came up in like a power point slide form.  I wasn't sure how to save it to my computer as I didn't see that option.  (That's not how my pix came up on my pc.)  Then last night, when I tried again, my pix didn't come up at all.  I'm sure it's all probably user error.  Any advice?

I haven't been able to get around to visit everyone as much as I would like.  My eyes have been bothering me, so my computer time has been limited.  I think part of the reason is because I need new glasses.  I want to switch back to contacts again, but I can't do that until my student loan money comes in.  School doesn't start until next month, so it'll be awhile yet before I can do that.  I've also rediscovered my love of Facebook.  I used to be OBSESSED with it.  And then one day, I decided I'd had enough and barely even looked at my account for months and months at a time.  And now, I'm back to spending more time than necessary there.  I'm not as obsessed as I used to be, at least!

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Sketching with Dogs said...

Orgasm in a can huh? Do you think they will ever sell them over here in England, LOL.
Oh that ice cream looks so delish, I am trying desperately to be good and not eat stuff I love.
I know what you mean about the computer, my eyes kill me sometimes when I am on it for over an hour.
Lynne x

Jenny Woolf said...

Orgasm in a can sounds nice, will have to check my local starbucks but I bet they don't sell it in England. I've never seen that flavour of Haagen Dasz either. You'd better not come and live here! :D I'm sorry about your eyes. Hope you get them fixed soon.

Sagira said...

I hope your eyes feel better soon.

Sounds like you really like White Chocolate. :)

We get to open our dog swap box and post this week. Yipee!

Lorenza said...

That ice cream sure sounds delicious!
My mom's laptop is about to expire!
I guess she needs to start looking for a new one!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Ruby said...

Have a good week Sprinkles. I havent been doing much of blogging either nowadays. Cheers and Hugs, Ruby

The Life of Riley said...

It looks like you share my love of White Chocolate. Just reading your post I might have to go and get some "Milky Bar" - do you have that in the States?

Riley's human

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