Monday, July 30, 2012

Law School or Masters???

The first half of the day was pretty dull.  It was mostly just stuff about like the history of the school and what kind of students they look for.  They touched on the cost a little bit, but not really.  The lady who was doing the presentation annoyed me because there were two questions asked that she basically avoided.  She talked a lot, but didn't answer either question. 

We then had a quick break where we got to check out the law library.  It's a newish school, so the books were all new too, which was kind of cool.  The library itself is kind of small, especially compared to BSU's, and not that impressive beyond that.  Most of their books are online, rather than actual paper books. 

When we returned from that, we had a mock class, which I loved!  We were given a case study to read and the professor kept asking us to tell him what happened.  Everyone kept giving him general overviews.  Whenever he asked questions, he would hone in on the student who answered and wouldn't move on.  He was really funny though, so everyone was engaged and seemed to be enjoying it.  What he was looking for were the fine details, as that is what could make or break the case.  He then had us question him as if he were a witness, then he questioned us.  There was a huge difference, of course.  I enjoyed that portion a lot.

They provided lunch, and we ate while the staff did a panel discussion about the school.  It was interesting, but too long and I kind of zoned out after awhile.

Next, a lady came in and spoke a little bit more about financial aid.  One thing they've been able to do for incoming students is to provide everyone with a $5000 grant.  They get this in addition to whatever scholarships and loan money they receive.  They don't know if they'll be able to continue doing that every year, but they're going to try. 

Finally, the day wrapped up with a game of Jeopardy, with questions about law school in general, the history of the school, the application process and other things.  They offered two other optional presentations, but I chose not to attend either one of them since I'm not at the point of entering law school yet, and that's what these things focused on. 

All in all, it was a good day.  I spoke with several potential students there and everyone was very friendly. 

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Finn said...

Glad that it went well! The mock class sounds like it would have been fun too!

Ruby said...

I loved the part about being witnesses and questioning. Sounds like real fun!!! Cheers, Ruby

Sketching with Dogs said...

Sounds like a really good experience!
Lynne x

MommyLisa said...

Glad it was good.

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

So you're thinking of going to law school? That would be cool.

Sagira said...

Sounds like you had a good day. Big decisions to make.

The Daily Pip said...

Sounds like good experience!

Your pal, Pip

Zuzana said...

This sounds like a great day, are you considering studying law?
Have a great week dear sprinkles,

Maggie Mae and Max said...

What a decision to make, we will be prayin' fur you.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae and Max

AndreaLeigh said...

Wow! Major life changes ahead. I will pray that if this is the right path for you, everything will work out so you can attend.

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