Friday, June 20, 2014 and Sojos Reviews

As you may remember, my boys did a review for Sojos back in April.  We received several samples of freeze-dried dog foods and treats.  The boys are still enjoying everything (they're little, so they don't eat a lot), so when I was asked if we might be interested in giving a new treat a try, we were all for it!

We received a 4 oz. bag of Sojos Simply Lamb freeze dried treats to try.  They're made of 100% raw freeze-dried meat, with no preservatives and nothing artificial.  There are absolutely no other ingredients!  As soon as I pulled the bag out of the box, the boys were both underfoot, begging me to give them some.  They both gobbled it down like there was no tomorrow, and came bag looking for more.  I set the bag down on the kitchen table for the time being and any time I walked by it, they got excited, thinking they were going to get more goodies!   That's how much they loved it!  

There are several other kinds of food and treats in the Sojos line, even catnip!  Click on the link to see what else they have to offer.

Here's a little information about it:
Sojos Simply Lamb Freeze-Dried Dog Treats
These mouth-watering morsels are the perfect training treat for dogs of all sizes. Dogs love meat. And that’s just what they get with Sojos Simply Meat Treats. It’s the real, raw meat your dog craves. And for you, it’s all the more delicious knowing that every morsel is gently freeze-dried, under our own roof, to lock in the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
Key Benefits
·         100% raw, freeze-dried meat
·         Made with natural, human-quality ingredients
·         No artificial preservatives
·         No artificial flavors or colors
·         Made in the USA!
Each bag is only $9.95.  That's very reasonable, especially, considering shipping and handling is absolutely free !  

Here's Shiver enjoying some.  (No, he didn't get to eat all that!  I didn't realize he was in the room, and when he saw the treats, he jumped up and interrupted my photo shoot!)

We also had the opportunity to try a 32 oz. bottle of Simple Solution Extreme Stain and Odor Remover, which is only $6.64, plus shipping and handling.  They also offer gallon size bottles for $18.19, plus shipping and handling.  

Here's some information taken directly from the website:  

Simple Solution Extreme Stain & Odor Remover

Simple Solution professional strength Extreme formula is 3x more powerful than most enzymatic formulas. The only Pro-Bacteria and Enzyme formula that works faster on the toughest pet stains. Developed to remove vomit, urine and feces from carpets, upholstery or any other water-safe surfaces. Completely eliminates odors to discourage pets from repeat marking.

I was really looking forward to using this product!  Two weeks before, Shiver had thrown up twice in one day, and then once the following day.  Of course this all happened on my bedroom and hallway carpet, rather than in the kitchen where I could easily wipe the mess up!  

The directions were easy enough:  Spray the stain and surrounding area well and let sit for five minutes.  Then take a cloth or paper towel and blot it as well as you can.  Once that's done, just let it dry.  Honestly, I didn't see a difference before and after.  However, I am contributing that to it not being a fresh stain.  The boys haven't made any fresh stains that I've noticed, but I plan to bring this out the next time they do and give it a proper try.  

Simple Solution also has a number of different products in their line, which has been around since 1978.    

Thanks to for allowing us to try even more goodies!  

We were not compensated financially for this post from Sojos or, but were provided free samples of dog treats and Simple Solution in return for our honest opinions.

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Everyone loves Chewy but sadly we don't have them over here. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

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Nice honest reviews.....always looking for ways to clean up after dogs

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