Monday, June 30, 2014

Mellow Monday

So this past Saturday was fun.  I went on the annual Garden Tour, which is always a fun way to spend the day.  My neighbor's yard was featured this year, and she did her usual criticism of my yard when she saw me.  She's going to be gone for the entire month of July, and I can't say that I'll miss her.  I took a few pictures from the tour, including the one above.  The roses are in honor of a woman's Boxer who passed away earlier this year.  The white blob at the bottom is an angel.  The picture is very clear on my iPod, so it's disappointing it didn't come out better here.

I had an interview for an internship this past week too.  The interview went pretty well.  I won't find out until the middle of August if I got it or not.  It doesn't offer an hourly wage, but there is a small stipend available at the end of it, depending on performance.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I got it!
Took this from here.

1.  What lessons has your life work taught you?

That you can't judge someone by the way they look.  Someone dressed to the nines can be dirt poor, while someone who looks homeless can have a fortune in the bank.  Just because someone is good looking, that doesn't mean they are nice.  Someone can be an incredibly nice person, and still be a horrible coworker.

I was also really shocked to learn that people can be soooooo different, depending where you work with them.  I used to work in a call center, then moved to the commercial loan department within the same company.  When some of my call center coworkers moved to the commercial loan department after I did, I was so surprised at how different they were from one department to the next.  I don't know what made them that way, and it was disappointing in most cases.

2.  Do people tell you that you act older, younger, or your age?  

People don't really comment on the way I act, at least not to my face.  I tend to think I act younger.  I'm a non-traditional student and am surrounded by 18-21 year olds most of the time, so I try not to act all fuddy-duddy around them.

3.  What do you do when someone tells you a joke that you don't think is funny?

Sometimes I'll fake laugh.  I remember once at my last job that the asst. manager's boyfriend was trying to get me to laugh at one of his stupid jokes.  I wouldn't laugh, so he kept telling them.  Finally, I told him I didn't think the jokes were funny.  The asst. manager took him into her office and he left me alone.  I think that's the last time I saw him.

4.  Show and tell.  What comes to mind first when you see this picture?  Or tell a story if it reminds you of one.
Once upon a time, I used to follow a blog which is now no longer in existence.  One of my favorite posts was one where she was showing off her new tattoo and she talked about the meaning behind it.  When she graduated from college, her boss had given her a key necklace.  The boss talked about how she is the one that holds the key to her life, she's the one that makes the decisions, she's the one who opens all the doors, she's the one that makes things happen.  She is the one who holds the key to make all her dreams come true.  All she has to do is to turn the key and make it happen.

 So she got a key tattooed on her as a reminder that she is the key to her own success. I *LOVED* this idea and decided that once I graduated college, I would get a tattoo of a key also.  One the last day of my very first semester, my psychology professor commented to the class that she bet no one had ever noticed her key tattoo.  She had it done in white on her forearm so that she could see it every single day, but that no one else would see it.  So I think mine will also be done in white for that very same reason.  I've already got the key picked out that I plan to use, now I just need the money for it.  (I'm accepting donations if anyone is interested...  Just kidding!)

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Kim@stuffcould.... said...

I can't tell jokes at all, pretty garden, nice key with meaning for you....I can't understand tattoos but that is generational thing

Sagira said...

Garden tour sounds like fun. Always neat to see the things people can grow.

Ruby said...

Oh I loves that Key story! And, the white tattoo! Ma doesn't have any, butts she envies peeps who have the guts to get one! She would just be worried how a FABulous lookin' tattoo when you're 20 somethin', would look on your wrinkled, saggin', 75-year old skin! (yes, I thinks she is very optimistic she's even gonna make it to 75!!! BOL!! )
Anyhu, kudos on the interview!! Gots my paws crossed for you!
Ruby ♥

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