Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to all of my US bloggy pals.  I will be attending a Memorial Day Service this morning in honor of my father who was a veteran.
Sorry I haven't been around much lately.  Shiver hasn't been feeling well, and I've been having to clean up after him a lot the last few days.  I changed his diet out of convenience about 2 weeks ago and apparently his body has not been adjusting well.  His diet is back to normal now and he seems to be feeling better.  I'm hoping the next 24 hours will bring the turnaround he needs, otherwise we'll be headed to the vet's office.  Thankfully, Chico was not affected by the diet change, but he's back to eating his regular foods too.  
Still plenty of time to join in my Chirstmas in July swap!  

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Sketching with Dogs said...

Happy Memorial Day. What a nice thing to do for your dad.
Sorry to hear Shiver hasn't been well. They don't take well to new food I've found, Dip especially and have to change things almost a grain at a time if I'm going to do it. Hope he feels better soon.
Lynne x

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Happy Memorial Day.

Food changes are very hard for Ciara. We have to change her food by adding a couple of kibbles (yes, 2 or 3 pieces) each day until it is fully switched. Otherwise we have a very sick tummy. Hope Shiver is doing much better.

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

Two French Bulldogs said...

Have a happy Memorial Day
Lily & Edward

Finn said...

Hope Shiver is feeling better and that you had a great day!

Ruby said...

Oh, poor Shiver!!! I don't do well with food changes either. Ma has tried to switch me (slowly too! she doesn't get it) to other foods a couple of times and, well, you know....
I sure hopes Shiver is feelin' betters! Paws crossed over here!!!
I am Thankful for your Father's sacrifice, and for yours too. The toll on families is often forgotten. Thank you.
Ruby ♥

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