Monday, December 7, 2015

Wreck It Monday

Flipping through my Wreck This Journal reminded me of how much I enjoyed doing the stains in this post.  I chose to do something similar this time.  The directions said to drip something on the page and close it.  I found some old paints from when I did ceramics a bazillion and 87 years ago and started with the yellow.  I liked the effect, but thought it might be fun to add in another color.  So I dripped brown paint on one side and green on the other, closed the book tight, rubbed it good from end to end and side to side a few times, opened it back up and waalaa...  
While certainly no masterpiece, I'm happy with it!  I thought the brown would have spread over both pages more, but I'm kinda glad it didn't - just makes it that much more interesting!  

Sorry the top one is sideways.  I didn't feel like fixing it. Because I'm lazy like that.  
In other news, I called the oncologist last week to ensure he'd gotten Chico's blood work results from the vet.  He wasn't available, so I left a message.  He finally called back Friday afternoon when I was out running errands and left a message.  He said it was good that the results hadn't changed because it meant Chico wasn't doing worse.  I think Chico's treatments will be roughly $200 a month, but I'm not sure how many months he'll have to continue them.  I still have questions that he didn't answer so I need to call back.  The oncologist doesn't work everyday, so I won't hear from him until Wednesday at the earliest.  

My laptop still doesn't want to charge.  :(  I've only tried a couple of times and got frustrated with it, so I've been using my ancient PC.  It isn't conducive to reading blogs because it freezes up frequently and takes forever and day to load pages sometimes, so I've only visited a few of you here and there.  I'm super hopeful that Santa might bring me a new laptop for Christmas, although I'm not really expecting him to.  I'm just thankful I at least have the PC because I'd go crazy without being able to go online everyday.  

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Sketching with Dogs said...

Love your page, the colours go well together and have blended really nicely. I bet everyone looking at the paint blobs would see something different. I see an MRI scan of someone's lungs - I think the colours and patterns on those things are very cool!
Hope you get all the answers you need from the Oncologist and he helps you make the right decision for Chico.
Gahh, stupid computers. Hope you are listening Santa ;)
Lynne x

The Daily Pip said...

The waiting is so hard and I know it can seem like forever when you are waiting for a specialist to call you back. Paws still crossed for Chico. Hope you get your questions answered soon.

My lap top is about to go any day ...ugh!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Doctors and tests always keep you waiting and very snxious.

Ziggy Stardust said...

I am keeping paws crossed for Chico and I hope Santa brings you what you need.

Ziggy Out!!

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