Friday, June 30, 2017

The Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers for Dogs

The chi boys love all things Chewy.  This month they're reviewing The Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers for Dogs.  They're available in turkey, chicken, and beef; we didn't specify which kind we wanted and were sent a 7 oz bag of the turkey flavor.
Despite the name, you can use it as either a topper or it can be served on its own as a meal.  Either way, the amount served varies depending on the weight of your dog(s).  I wasn't too fond of the look of it at first.  They're soft and break apart easily.  
Shiver and Chico ate it as a topper.  I didn't measure it out for them, but grabbed a handful and split it between the two bowls.
Look how healthy this is!
Each bag is made with human grade ingredients, but isn't intended for human consumption.
 As always, they loved it!  The boys always go back and forth between bowls, I don't know why -- they've always been that way.  That's why you see Shiver eating out of two different bowls here.  

Chico takes the toppers out of the bowl and runs off with it, then comes back for more once he finishes so I didn't get any pictures of him enjoying it.  I thought he'd eat it along with his other food, but no...  The fact that he runs off with it tells me how much he likes it.  He knows Shiver does too, so this is his way of making sure Shiver doesn't steal it from him.

The boys give these eight paws up -- that's four paws each!  Thank you, Chewy, for another wonderful product! 

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