Friday, July 21, 2017

Half Full Friday

Half Full Friday is a series of weekly posts that Eyegirl originally started in June 2009.  We believe that a lot of our happiness is determined by our attitude about the things that happen to us.  So by participating, I'm deciding to see the glass as half full instead of half empty.  I'm choosing to concentrate on the positives instead of dwelling on the negatives.  The Half Full Friday posts are a way to do just that.  They're a list of the things in my life that have brought me happiness over the past week.  I'm determined to find something good in each day.  Are you?

For the next week, I'd like to challenge each of you to keep a list of at least one thing that brought you happiness each day.  And then come back here and tell me about it!
~I'm happy because...

  • I had a job interview on Monday!
  • In a shocking twist, my current boss asked if I might be interested in working there permanently!  She couldn't promise that I'd be offered a job, but it's nice to know it's a possibility.
  • The guy I networked with last week emailed me on Tuesday to say he's been passing out my resume!
  • I bought shoe racks this past weekend and put them up on Sunday.  Looking at them with all of my shoes makes me happy and kind of reminds me of a shoe store.  (I have tons of shoes!)  
  • I bought a new pair of shoes this past weekend, wore them a few times this week, and got compliments on them each time!
  •  I think I got Shiver's medication issues figured out -- I paid for a 30 day supply and the vet only gave me 9 -- I didn't notice until I got home.  
  • A squirrel came right up to me on my walk yesterday!  We had a nice little chat, he and I.

5 showed me some love:

Kathy G said...

Sound like lots of congratulations are in order!

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Sounds like good things are happening. I want to get a shoe rack too, but haven't decided which type. I need to get my closet organized.

Jenny Woolf said...

That is a lot of good stuff in your life! Congratulations on the shoes, I wish I could organise mine! It's always so cool to get compliments, that must have given you a lift.

Mac said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog a while back. It's nice to see Half Full Friday resurrected. It sure brings back memories!

Morrie Major said...

Hi there!
I'm happy because I got my cone of shame off and also mum took me to the park!!
Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie!

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