Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog of the Week

I just got an award a few days ago from Iris over @ My Life In Purple.  I'm not sure how I linked to her initially but I share her love of all things purple and with a name like that, I knew I had to check out her blog!

I have waaaaaaaaay too much time on my hands so to pass it away, I do the daily blog check and usually, but not always, leave comments.  And as a result, I was lucky enough to get this:

Thank you, Iris!  If and when I get a job, I won't have time to comment nearly as often.  There were no stipulations about passing it along to anyone but I wanted to be sure to do just that!  There is one person who has commented on I think just about every single post with the exception of a couple when she took some time away from the blog world this past holiday season.  I'm passing this on to the very lovely Protege!

Speaking of awards, I have one that I'm going to be giving out probably within the next couple of weeks.  So stay tuned for that!

Ok, on to the fun stuff!  Everyone seemed to think this whole Blog of the Week feature was a good idea so I'm gonna move forward with it.  I know I could have done it without asking anyone's opinion since it is my blog and all but I didn't want to add anything that the majority thought was a really stupid idea!

I have no clue what-so-ever how I ever found this site.  I'm sure everyone has heard of it as it's extremely popular!  It's updated every Sunday and I make a point to check it out at least once a week, if not more.

Frank Warren has been running it since 2004.  He invites strangers to share their deepest, darkest secrets on a postcard and mail it to him, anonymously.  Some of the secrets are sad, some are disgusting.  Others make me smile, some of them are shocking!  Some of them make me laugh, some make me cry. 

Every single week there is always at least one secret that I can relate to. I'll never have to send in one of my own, they've already been posted on someone else's card!  I think that's what keeps me coming back every week, I never have to feel alone as I can usually identify with the secrets posted.

Some of the postcards are just plain white with writing on them, some people go all out with their decorations.  No matter what they look like, they all contain deeply held secrets.

There are also Italian, French and German versions of this blog too.  I'm not sure if Frank runs those or not.  (Sorry, I'm too lazy to find the links for them!)

To date, there are 5 different books to go along with the blog.  Frank also often speaks at universities where he displays some of the many, many different postcards he's received and allows the audience to share some of their own secrets if they want to.  Unfortunately he hasn't come anywhere near me so I haven't been able to attend one of his conferences. 

At one point, all of the proceeds earned from the blog, book and conferences (after paying Frank's expenses, I presume) were given to the Kristen Brooks Hope Center to aid in the prevention of suicide.  I'm not sure if that's still the case as I haven't seen anything on his site stating this in quite awhile. 

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kimishoe said...

I love postsecret. Have never submitted anything, though. I also love when CDAN has those anonymous moments where you can admit your deepest, darkest secrets--but I've never done that, either. I'm convinced someone will be able to trace it back to me.

Yeah. I've done some really shady stuff in my life.

sprinkles said...

kimishoe said...
Yeah. I've done some really shady stuff in my life.

^^^ Haven't we all? LOL

My Life in Purple said...

Hopefully you'll comment, even when you're back to work!! You deserved the award, I was glad to give it to you.

Zuzana said...

Oh my goodness, I got another lovely award! THANK YOU! I am so happy for every single one I get , even if I am not very good at passing them onto others myself. If anyone should get such an award from me, it would be you as that sentiments goes right back to you my dearest friend.
I am working on redesigning my page and the new version will be up on Monday and I have finally made it possible to display all the awards I have gotten over the years and this one will be included. So - thank you again!:))

As for the page you mention here, this is so awesome! I have never heard of this site and am completely intrigued by this, I am so looking forward to check it out, what a fantastic post!

Have a lovely weekend dear,

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Congrats on your award!

Moms LOVES postsecret too!

Woofs & Kisses!

Martine said...

Great post deedee!!

I use to visit Postsecret every week and somehow forgot about it. Thanks for posting about this!

Congrats on the cool award!!!!!

xo martine & the kiddlets

Melissa said...

I LOVE Post Secret!

Sketching with Dogs said...

Congrats on your great award, you deserve it!
There you go, I had never heard of Post Secret so it is a great way of showing people new blogs, I will be sure to check it out soon.
Lynne xx

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