Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Meeting

My chi's were both very excited to attend their first Pup Scouts Troop Meeting today!

They started out with a song:
"Everywhere we go-o

An-imals want to know-o
Who we a-are
And where we come from
So we tell them
We're from Order of the Paw
Mighty, mighty Pup Scouts
And if they can't hear us
We woof a little louder!"

Then  Troop Leader Miss Bailey had everyone raise their right paw and say the offiicial oath:
"On the honor of my paw I will do my best

to do my duty to my fur and non-fur community
& to obey the Pup Scout Law
to help other pups and their people at all times
to keep myself in tip top pup condition,
furry aware & ready at a moments notice."

Next, everyone received their official troop meeting badge! This badge is given to distinguished members who have joyfully attended the first troop meeting.

They discussed selling the official Pup Scout Biscuit to raise funds to raise funds for service projects like...

- eradicating our neighborhoods of squirrels!
- creating legislation to stop the pupperazzi form taking our photos!

Don't they look tasty?  Well, they prolly would if you were a dog!

Miss Bailey also took time to remind everyone of the importance of leashes:

The meeting closed out with one more song:
"Be a good Pup Scout, and always wag your tail,

Be a good Pup Scout, give licks all the time,
It's the creed, yes indeed, that a Pup Scout must practice merrily.
Help those in need - do a Good Turn daily,
Be a good Pup Scout - be Loyal, Sweet and Brave,
On your honor, do your best
When they put you to the test.
And always be a good Pup Scout!"

If you haven't joined yet, what are you waiting for?  You're missing out on all the fun!

***Edit:  I'm not sure what is up with the weird spacing.  It wasn't like that when I typed the post out.  I tried to fix it but blogger won't let me. 

3 showed me some love:

Zuzana said...

Ah, you doggies are such a great attentive members.;) Congratulations to their great achievements.;) I think Batcat is too preoccupied with hibernation to join at this time, lets see what will happen in the spring.;)

Have a great Friday dear friend and thank you for always finding something nice to say at my place, it means a lot to me,

Sketching with Dogs said...

That was a great 1st meeting wasn't it. We hope you both enjoyed it as much as we did.
Sometimes we think these bloggie things have a mind of their own, bol.
Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget and Elliot xx

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

We LOVE being Pup Scouts, don't you! Can't wait to see you all at the next meeting!

Woofs and Kisses!

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