Monday, January 25, 2010

Dream Blogging

I dreamed last night that I was working on a blog post.  I'd been tagged for a MeMe and was trying to come up with 7 things about me that my bloggie buddies might not now.  I'd come up with 5 fairly easily but those last 2 were really difficult!  I've had some bizarre dreams before but I don't think I've ever had one about blogging.

I had an appointment today with a job assistance agency in my town.  I wasn't even aware there was such a thing here!  It's not really a job assistance agency, it's just one service they offer among many for low-income people.  Most of the appointment was spent with the lady helping me find what services they could provide for me, even though I was there only for the job assistance program.  She looked over my resume and said that it looked really good, she couldn't think of anything I could add or delete to make it better.  She thought I had some really great experience and said she had high hopes for me.  I told her I have no hope.  I apply and apply and no one ever calls.  I call to follow up and have to leave voice mails which no one ever returns.  She did say that she has monthly meetings where she hears about different job opportunities before the general public does so that's good!

We discussed applying to fast food places and she told me not to yet.  Because of my experience, she thinks that there are better opportunities out there for me so not to apply for flipping burgers until it gets to the point where I'm about to lose my house.

I have some homework to complete and then I'll go back in a few weeks for a follow up appointment.

I still have a bruise on my foot from when I twisted it.  Somedays it's really tender and other days, not so much.

So that's all that happening in my life right now.

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Zuzana said...

What a great post, I love post like these, when people just talk about their days.
I would say these are some good news, perhaps this agency can help you out. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Hope your foot gets completely healed soon too.;)

Sketching with Dogs said...

Those feet and ankle injuries can stretch out for a long time, hope it's not too bad for you.
That is great news about the lady from the job assistance agency, it sounds like she can see you are a hard working person who really wants a job (there are people in our country who would not work if someone knocked on their door and offered them a job!)
Hopefully she will hear of something in her meetings for you.
Since blogging has practically taken over all of our lives I'm not suprised you dream about it, LOL!
Lynne xx

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

We'll keep our paws crossed on the job front!

Woofs and Kisses!

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