Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Shiver had his turn, now it's mine!  I look like the puppy on the right of this picture.  That isn't actually me though, it's a picture Mom found online somewhere that looks like me and Shiver.

Shiver and I are opposites in a lot of ways.  He's light colored, I'm dark.  He's a "deer head" whereas I'm an "apple head" chihuahua.  He's tall and I'm itty bitty.  He hates to go for a walk and I love it.

I'm a small chihuahua with a big personality.  Whenever I go out in public with Mom, people always stop us and want to pet me because I'm just so darn cute!  I'm not very good with children though, I tend to grumble at them.  Mom thinks my previous owners probably didn't teach their little boy to be very gentle with me.

I used to live in a cage and was only brought out to go potty or when the owners wanted me to "breed."  The next owners left me outside most of the time and didn't think it was very fair so they sold me to my Mom who lets me spend most of my days inside.

Shiver tends to think all our toys belong to him and stockpiles them.  I don't usually stand up to him.  But the rawhide chews are all MINE!!!  I WILL fight for those!

I love to cuddle with Mom at bedtime.  Actually, I love to cuddle with her at any time but bedtime is the best.  Shiver is usually on the right, I'm on the left of Mom.  Shiver can jump up on the bed by himself, Mom has to lift me up.

If anything new is brought into the house or something is moved to a different location and it's set down on the floor, I like to "mark" it.  Mom doesn't like this for some reason.  I'm pretty good about not going potty inside but ya know, I gotta let everyone know that I've checked this new thing out and mark it as mine.

That's all for now but be warned - I will be back!  BOL


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Zuzana said...

Ah, this is so cute and sweet. Yes, cuddling at bedtime is the best, my cat, the Batcat agrees to that fully.;))
Such cute dogs, makes me want to have one.;))

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

Nice to meet you Chico! Your brother sounds just like my sister! Lexi is a toy thief...although she doesn't stockpile them. She just likes to take whatever toy I am playing with. Maybe one day your Mommy will bring you and your brother to see where she was born and we will get to meet you guys!

We are so glad that your Mommy rescued you from crappy owners. We know you are very well-loved and taken care of now! Thank doG for Mommies!

Chihuahua kisses,

Diana Chiew said...

Hi Sprinkles, thanks for voting me.

- Santa

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