Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sad Saturday & Sunday

My parents have been out of town for the past 2 weeks and will be gone for about another 2 weeks.  I'm caring for their old beagle, their two beta fish and their parakeet.  I also go check their mail once a week and check their pond to make sure the pump is running, that there is still water in the pond and that the fish are still alive.  They put their young beagle dog in a kennel because they said I was already burdened with taking care of the other pets along with my own.  The young beagle is a chewer and they were afraid he'd destroy my house or eat my dogs or both. 

I've called to check on the young beagle two or three times now and they always say he's doing fine.  Yesterday I decided to check and see for myself.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  I'm sure they're doing a fine job of caring for him, that's not the problem.  I spent about a half hour with him and he just cried and cried.  I think he thought that I was there to take him home only when we didn't leave right away, he realized he was there to stay.  I petted him repeatedly and spoke to him in soothing tones.  Didn't help, he still cried.  And when I left, I cried.  And cried.  And cried.  I swear if I'd had my credit card with me, I would've gotten him out of there and taken him home.  Unfortunately, their hours of operation where the public can come visit are very limited.  I'm at work all the hours they're open M-F.  When I take my lunch, they're also closed for lunch.  So it'll be another week before I'll get to see him again.  I'm half tempted to take an early lunch tomorrow and see if I can get him out.  Poor baby.  He's lost weight and I know he's incredibly unhappy there.  I'm just soooooooo angry with my parents for leaving him there.  I begged and begged them to let me take him and they wouldn't let me. 

Only one person has acknowleged the award I gave out on 09/13.  That makes me sad too.

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Zuzana said...

I am sorry, that is just the hardest thing with traveling, leaving your pets behind. And I am sure your heart is breaking seeing your parents dog suffering.
I hope you can get him out soon, as I know that will put your mind to ease.;) Until then I am sure you can find consolation in the fact that he is well cared for, even if he is unhappy.

Ice Pony Girl said...

Oh my...bring him home! Poor baby!dial

Cocorue said...

hey, you have such a kind heart and your parents' beagle is missing them. i'm sure you'll find a way to bring him home with you if you can.

i'm so sorry that the not everyone has aknowledged the award you gave out......sometimes it's just forgetfullness and some just don't like awards.....but i hope they find the time to thank you.

i know the feeling and now i just award those that appreciates them

chikisses and have a good week

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