Sunday, September 13, 2009

OMG, ANOTHER Blog Award!

I never thought I'd even get one and now I have TWO awards!  How did that ever happen???  Many thanks go out to Tiffany, Bentley and Lexus @ Munchkin Memiors.  Check out her "Ear"resistable Ears contest if you haven't already.  She's gotten tons of entries, it's gonna be extremely difficult to choose a winner!  I've found some wonderful blogs from some of the entrants.

The only rule for this award is to display it and the button below on your sidebar and link to the Purple Hatter. It can be passed on to however many people as you wish.


I don't think even half of the people I passed my first award to even acknowledged it so this was a difficult decision.  After much thoughtful consideration, I'm giving it to:
Kimberly - She gave me my first award.
Checkers - I meant to forward on my first award to him but it seems that I somehow left him out.  Oops!
AndreaLeigh - She helped me out with my doggie swap. 
Angela - One of the first chihuahua blogs I found.  She's hilarious!!!
Protege - Her blog is absolutely beautiful!!!
Martine - She deserves an award after all she went through with Sugar.

It's been a busy week.  My parents are out of town for the next month or so, so I've been taking care of their ancient beagle, Angel, as well as their bird, Sunshine, and their two betta fish.  That's a lot of pets ya'll, combined with my own two chihuahuas and one betta fish!  Angel is absolutely the sweetest but she's old so she's sooooooooo slow and is never in a hurry to go out or come back in.  Plus she farts a lot.  Not exactly a pleasant experience!  Her days are spent sleeping, snoring loudly, eating and farting.  Sunshine is entertaining and lively.  The only complaint I have about her is that she's messy and thinks nothing of tossing her birdseed outside of her cage.  When I'm not taking care of all those animals at home, I have to drive over to their house and make sure their pond is ok and the dozen or so fish are still swimming around.  It's gonna be a long month!

My parents also have another beagle who is a little over a year old, he's been kenneled.  I begged my parents to let me take him too but they wouldn't hear of it.  He's still in that awful chewing stage that he hasn't grown out of yet and they were afraid that he'd ruin my house or eat one of my little dogs.  I miss him and have called a few times to check on him.  He seems to be doing just fine.

So...I've been thinking for awhile what to do with this blog.  I decided some changes were in order because it's not at all what I wanted it to be.  I wanted it to be fun and entertaining.  Instead, it's pretty boring.  One of the changes I was going for was a change of scenery and tried to post two new templates.  They were both from pyzam.  The first one I tried gave me an error message.  It seems that a lot of the templates give that same error message according to some of the comments people have left on their site.  So I found another one and this one actually worked.  But then I noticed that my pictures didn't show up clearly - they were kind of transparent and it was difficult to see them with the new template.  So for now I'm gonna stick with what I have.

I'm thinking of having my pups do an occassional guest post.  That'll make things a little more fun.  Shiver thinks everything going on in the world somehow has to involve him anyways, so why not include him in this?  And of course Chico is wouldn't want to be left out.  Thoughts?

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Zuzana said...

Thank you so much for this award, you are so kind to me, I lack words.;)) I am so very honoured and I appreciate this very much, as well as the kind words.,))

I know what you mean about the troubles with the blog templates, but I like the look of your blog now.;))

Have a wonderful Monday and thank you again.;))


Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

Oh wow! It sounds like you have a house full right now. That is so nice of you to look after your parents animals while they are away.

We like your blog. Our only gripe would be that you don't post enough! But we think it is a fantastic idea if Shiver and Chico get to post sometimes. We would love to hear from them. I hope a camera is in your near future so we can see pictures of your cuties.

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