Monday, March 8, 2010

Bits and Pieces

The weather this weekend was beautiful!  Aaaaaand we're forecasted for snow this afternoon and Wednesday.  :(

I have a massive zit which has taken up residence on my forehead and refuses to leave.  It seems to have taken on a personality of its own.  I've named him Bob.

The sudden bloating is an indication that Aunt Flo will be visiting within the next several days.  I've told her over and over again that she's messy, inconvenient, expensive, painful, etc., but she still insists on coming back every month.

I let Chico out one day last week and he came back in with a bone about half his size!  Don't know where it came from so I took it away from him.  He wasn't happy about it.

Both of my boys seem to be a little more clingy than usual for some reason lately, especially Shiver!

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Diana Chiew said...

Most of us have to live with Bob and Aunt Flo no matter how we dislike them. Hope Bob disappears soon and Aunt Flo is not that difficult to live with.

Melissa said...

Yeah, Bob and Aunt Flo always come back for return visits no matter how much you want them to screw off.

koko said...

Chico must have thought he struck gold and that bone would have lasted him a whole winter... but it was not to be.

Licks, hero

Sketching with Dogs said...

Ha ha, that is so funny about Bob and Aunt Flo!
Hope Chico isn't digging up any bodies out there!

Zuzana said...

How wonderful that the sun was out and was shinning on you this weekend.;)
As for the rest of you worries, they are just part of being a woman. And the miracles that go with it - such as giving a life.;)
The blemish will be gone in no time and one
day when the rest is gone for good as well, you will miss it...
Have a lovely Tuesday.;))

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Hang in there! Thanks for stopping by Dory's Blog, she always loves new visitors!!

Beth in Austin
aka Dory's Mama

sprinkles said...

@Protege - I don't know, I'm pretty sure I will NEVER miss Aunt Flo!!!!!

My Life in Purple said...

A zit AND are a great excuse for wine and or chocolate!

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