Friday, March 5, 2010

Half-Full Friday and Blog of the Week

I live in a small town so I knew it would happen eventually.  I went grocery shopping yesterday and ran into my old asst. manager.  When I noticed her walking down the same aisle as me, I almost turned around to go down another aisle.  I knew that she had seen me though as she was looking right at me so I stayed.  She walked past me and said very softly, "Hi sprinkles."  And me?  I'm petty so I chose to look the other way and ignore her.  I always figured when we inevitably ran into one another, she would be the one to ignore me.   My asst. manager was a raging beeyotch to have to work with on a daily basis and that's putting it nicely!!!  So I was kind of shocked she even acknowlegded me!

Today is Friday and you know what that means, right?  Time for Half-Full Friday!  If you want to play along, head on over to Eyegirl's and add yourself to Mr. Linky!  And while you're there, please give her some encouraging words.  Her kitty just passed over the rainbow bridge so it's been a difficult week for her.
I'm happy I got my tax returns done for free last weekend!

I'm happy I'm getting a refund!

I'm happy I got 8 of the 13 things on my to-do list done yesterday!

I'm thrilled spring has shown signs that it's thinking about staying for a little while! 

I'm happy I bought chocolate at the grocery store last night!

I'm happy I have everything ready for tonight!  The only thing left to get ready is me!  :)

A quick update on Skeletor!  If you'll remember, he was featured as last week's Blog of the Week.
Amazing, isn't it?  Hard to believe it's the same dog and he's looking better day by day.  There's another video today so if you opt to head on over, enjoy!

This week's Blog of the Week is one I found through a comment she left on someone else's blog.  I liked her name and decided to check out her blog.  I was fairly new to the blogging world at that time and really had no clue what I was doing.  Her blog is an excellent example of what I wish mine was! 

Protege started this blog in March 2008.  Her profile says that she was born under the Tatra Mountains, to a Czech father and a Slovak mother. She grew up in Sweden, lived and worked almost 10 years in North Carolina and today she lives in Denmark with the most adorable kitty named Batcat.  She is the very definition of diversity!

Her posts are quite diverse too!  One day she'll post about makeup, another day she'll discuss the Seven Wonders of the World, and on yet another day she'll talk about the Roman Aqueduct.  She's given me quite the education on a number of subjects and it makes me wish I'd paid better attention in school instead of being more concerned with my social life.  Her blog is one of my favorites and I always look forward to reading what she has lined up for each new day!  My favorite posts are the ones about her cute kitty.  He's a blog star in and of his own right! 

She has a Flashback Friday feature where she brings back songs from the past.  I've only heard of about half of the ones she's presented.  It's always fun to find new music (or rather, old but new to me!) and to recover memories from the past as I did today. 

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Melissa said...

That's too bad your former asst manager was such a lousy person. Hopefully any and all future ones will be pleasant. :)

Sketching with Dogs said...

At least you don't have to see her on a daily basis any more, thank goodness.
I can't believe the difference in Skeletor, what an improvement. What a sweet face he has.

Martine said...

Thanks for sharing the blog!!

We are glad that doggie is getting healthier and so quickly!

xo martine & the kiddlets

koko said...

Glad that Skeletor is making good progress... hope his life would be much better from now on.

Licks, hero

Zuzana said...

Oh dear, I am sitting here blushing! What a beautiful post, a large part dedicated to my blog. I am speechless and very, very flattered. Thank you dear sprinkles, I enjoyed to getting to know how you found me;))
Wow, this was surprise!!! THANK YOU.;))

As for the doggie, he looks visibly better, what a difference a week makes.
And ignoring your asst manager was a sweet revenge, I am sure.;))
I like your happy list as well; what was happening last night?;)

Have a lovely weekend dear friend and thank you for featuring my blog, I feel this to be an honour indeed.


Velvet Over Steel said...

Very happy the dog is getting better!! Glad I found your blog. I laughed when I was the subtitle. I have friend that says that line all the time. Funny and so true in her situation..
following you now, hope you'll stop by mine. Have a great weekend!
~ Coreen

Anonymous said...

Thank you for joining me. I really liked your list for this week. :)

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

That sucks running into someone you don't like. Did they say when they would have the Shamrock shakes? I think they have them out early here. Oh, does my page look bad? Cause it's so big? It looks okay from my computer. I can change the background if it looks weird.

Velvet Over Steel said...

Hi again! I 'followed' earlier from the follow button at the top of blogger. But you were right, I didn't show up on the list. So I followed you from the box on your blog. It worked this time. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for the follow back! :-)
~ Coreen

Cocorue said...

i have an award for you

your new supporter

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