Friday, March 19, 2010

Did Anyone Miss Me?

That flu/cold, whatever it was, really kicked my ass!  I'm finally feeling human again but I still have a cold and I don't feel like I quite have all my strength back yet.  I get tired easily and could get used to taking daily naps!  I had no voice for several days and am happy to report it's mostly returned now.

This has been a pretty dull week so not much to talk about.  I did take my little chi's to the vet's office and got them caught up on their yearly shots on Monday which I'm happy about.  While I was there, I was very tempted to ask if they could examine me too!

Tuesday I went to a monthly meeting I have for my community service type thing I do and was given some daffodil blossoms.  Put them in water and they opened right up.  So pretty!

Wednesday I had dinner with a friend who kept asking if I'd been to see various movies or done any shopping, etc.  I was a bit shocked she was asking as she knows I don't have $ for those things.  She brings in over $3000 a month whereas I have nothing.  She also acts as if she can barely survive on that over $3000 a month.  I've never made that much money and have have lived comfortably on much less. 

Yesterday I went out and spent a little bit of my tax refund.  Every year I always stock up on laundry detergent, napkins, light bulbs, etc. with a portion of my tax money.  It's stuff that doesn't spoil so it can sit there and not be used for awhile yet makes it much easier on me financially to not have to worry about having to replace it any time soon.  It was fun to go shopping again and not double check the price on everything before buying.  Wish I could've bought some new clothes too but I was a good girl and didn't spend all my money!  Came home from that and had to lie down for awhile.  All my strength was just zapped!

And today I just did laundry.  That's it!  Haven't gone anywhere or done anything else.  And I'm ready for my daily nap again!

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the TN Bull Terrors said...

sorry to hear you have been sick, DawgMom has too. She seems to be getting better, maybe you are too. DawgMom says to tell you, that dude in our post is none other than Conway Twitty! She drools over him & his songs (*eyes roll*)

Feather, Darla, Pappy, LizzaBelle & Skippy the Foster Dude ^..^

koko said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better already... no fun to be under the weather... with the vet visit out of the way and necessities stocked up... now you can have a good rest to charge up for the coming week :)

Licks, hero

Diana Chiew said...

Sorry to hear that you've not been feeling too good. Take care and get well soon.

jody said...

I noticed you were/are following the "God's Power and Love" blog. Please be careful and look at these sites before ever sending that person money.

Zuzana said...

Hello dear sprinkles, I am back.;) Sorry to hear you were sick.:( I hope you feel all recovered soon.
I guess I did not miss that much then with my absence.;)
I am looking forward to catch up - have a lovely first spring weekend my friend.;)

Melissa said...

Glad to hear you're finally feeling better! Seemed like you were sick for a very long time!

And good girl on not spending all your refund in one place. :)

Unknown said...

Aww...poor you! Flu! That's horrible. I've only had it once and seriously, I felt so awful, if someone had put a million dollars across the road, I wouldn't have bothered to go over and get it! :-)

Anyway, glad you're on the mend. Sounds like you had a busy week even if you "didn't do much"! That's great thinking with stocking up on essentials - I used to do something similar when we lived in the UK and at the end of winter, when all the big winter sales were on to get rid of winter things, I'd stock up on thing like woolly tights - stuff that's usually expensive but they're desperate to shift stock at that time! This way when NEXT winter came, I had lots of lovely warm staples without having to go out and get ripped off in the shops!

I know what you mean about your friend. Some people just have no sensitivity or idea of reality! I have a friend like that who has married money and complains when she stays in v expensive top hotels because the "architecture" isn't right!!!!!

We manage OK on a combined income but we made a mistake and took on to big a mortgage several years ago and the interest rates here have been a killer so all our money in the past few years have gone into propping up the mortgage and like recently when we moved, with a lot of big expenses, things were quite tight! Honey, of course, costs us a LOT of money. The cost of transporting her over was the same as transporting all the contents of our entire house! And everything she needs always has to be XXL which is always the most expensive. But I guess you choose what you spend your money on and I don't smoke or drink or buy clothes much or go to fancy hair salons every month - it's sad, I know, but I tend to spend money on Honey much more willingly than I'd spend money on myself!! :-)


Juliana said...

I hope that you are feeling a MILLION times better!

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

I know I'm late commenting but I wanted to let you know that the Munchkins and I most certainly missed you! We are glad you are back. I'm sorry you have been sick. That's never fun.
Good to hear you got your tax refund back and how smart to use it to stock up on necessities! I am keeping you in my prayers that a good job comes your way soon. I wish there was some way I could help you look!

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