Monday, March 1, 2010

It's All About MeMe

No really, it is!!!  I don't get why people don't believe me when I tell them that!  You can stop laughing now.  Seriously!

I had another meeting with the job assistance place last Friday and I've come to the conclusion it isn't really a program to help find a job for you but more to give you suggestions for your resume, make sure you're following up on jobs you've already applied for, etc.  I don't need that, I can do that on my own.  I thought this was a program where they go out and look for jobs for you.  Very disappointing!  But it gets me out of the house and doesn't cost me anything so I'll probably keep going just for kicks.

They mentioned having me talk with an agency to do mock interviews which I think would be helpful!  I used to do interviews all the time and frequently got comments about how I presented myself well.  And now...well, not so much!  So it would be good to hear what I'm doing wrong and what I can do to improve.  The job assistance place said my resume looks really good and job service didn't have much to offer in the way of improvement but I might just ask the mock interview people to look it over too - it's always good to have another opinion!

Ran some errands this afternoon and when I came back, I decided to look for signs of spring in my yard.  And guess what?  I found some!  Yay!  Very, very, very tiny sprouts on my rosebushes but hey, at least they're there!

So... Melissa tagged me for a Photo Tag.  The rules are:

1.  Open your 1st Photo folder.
2.  Scroll to the 10th photo.
3.  Post the photo and the story behind it.
4.  Tag 5 or more people.

I'd seen other people do this and thought it looked like it might be fun.  Only I didn't realize people had more than one folder of pictures.  Maybe because I don't have a digital camera, my folder doesn't have much in it.  Mostly it's filled with awards and pictures I want to use for Wordless Wednesday's, the majority of which I snag from various emails. 

I opened it up, counted to 10 and came up with this:

For anyone who didn't read this post, her name is Cari Ashford.  I stumbled across her blog and read (what at that time was) the last post first where her husband let everyone know she had died.  I wanted to read her story so I started at the beginning and discovered a wonderfully warm and funny woman.  Her blog started out initially about her family and told about her journey with cancer once it was discovered.  I balled and balled when I got to the end.  I never got to know her but I felt like I lost a true friend. 

I'm passing this along to -
1.  Protege
3.  Sasha
4.  Santa
5.  Juliana

7 showed me some love:

Melissa said...

I remember the post where you had Cari's blog as the blog of the week and I went there and read several posts. Such a good blog!

Zuzana said...

Beautiful post. And the photo you posted is so very touching, I recall when you mention this blog...

Thanks for tagging me, I will post mine perhaps next week!;))

And I am so happy I inspired you to go and look for spring signs. Your comment made me feel all warm inside, knowing you were out there investigating. And I am happy you found some! Yay!
Sorry also that you cannot watch movies and reinstalling Flash did not help.
As for Sunday posts, I have decided to keep my Sundays blog free.;))

Have a lovely Tuesday dear friend.;)

Sketching with Dogs said...

I really like seeing all the different blogs you find.

Maxmom said...

Hey there Sprinkles.
Good luck again with the job search. It's never easy, but keep your chin up. Wish I could help you (I use to interview people), but can't really from here.
Holding thumbs! (and paws)

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Thanks for tagging me. I love your new background. That is really sad about Cari. Good luck with the job search.

Cocorue said...

interesting blogs .....TQ for the recommendation

yeah, Paris is sooooo fun in the Spring and the ice cream at Bertillon is out of this world!!!


Diana Chiew said...

Oh, I got tagged! Okay, will see when I can play the game.

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