Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Meme

I got a call to schedule an interview to work at a radio station, but the next day they said that they decided to go with someone else -- before I even had an interview!  :(  This is not the first time this has happened to me.

In additon to checking numerous websites each week for job openings, I've been trying to network with anyone and everyone possible.  One woman I sent my resume to emailed back to say that she wasn't aware of any positions within her organization or any others.  The next day I got a call from someone else saying that this same woman had forwarded my resume to them, and they asked if I'd be interested in a job they had available.  I would love it, but it'd be full time work for less than minimum wage -- which I absolutely cannot afford!

This week I'm scheduled to volunteer for some conference that the Department of Transportation is hosting.  It all sounds extremely dull, but at least it'll get me out of the house for a bit and amongst the human race.  Hopefully I can network a bit more there. This is really not how I pictured my life after graduation.
Took this from here.  Just to be different, the questions all come from different posts.  

1.  Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom?  Why?

I'm not a good public speaker.  I get nervous, my mind goes blank, and I stutter and stammer.  It's a painful experience for both me and for the audience.  Every once in a great while I can do a decent job, but these moments are few and far between.  I'm sure that if I had to do it with any regularity that I would improve, but I'd rather just not have to do any public speaking at all and avoid it as much as possible.  

2.  Think back to your school days.  What would you do if you had four math problems marked wrong that were right?  

I've never been very good at math and would be absolutely shocked if this ever happened!  But if it did, you can be sure beyond a reasonable doubt that I would point it out to the professor and ask to have my grade increased.  If it's for a math class, I would need all of the extra points that I could possibly get!

I actually did have a couple of problems marked wrong on an economics exam once, and brought it to the professor's attention.  He changed the grade then and there in his gradebook right in front of me.

3.  Tell us a moment or an incident that you treasure - not necessarily because it brought you happiness, but because it taught you something about yourself.

I attended a leadership conference last month.  It was a weeklong event, and I only knew a couple of other people who would be attending.  I'm very shy by nature and tend to sit back and observe.  I quickly learned that this was not going to work at this event.  I had no choice but to actively participate.  They days were very long and we had very little free time.  By the end of the week, I knew everyone's name and personal things about them that I probably would not have known if I'd met them under different circumstances.

I learned it's OK to take risks.  It's OK to fail, just so long as I learn from it.  It's OK to not necessarily have a solid plan in place for every single little thing.  I can put myself out there and be vulnerable, and not everyone is going  take advantage of that.  Most of all, I learned that I'm stronger than I thought I was.  

4.  When do you feel the most lonely?  

This is hard to answer.  I feel very lonely now when I'm mostly home all day praying the phone will ring and it'll be someone offering me a fabulous job.  But I can also feel very lonely amongst a crowd of people where I don't know anyone.  

When do you feel the most lonely?

5.  Show and tell.  What comes to mind first when you see this picture?  Or tell a story if it reminds you of one.
Blue hippos!  It doesn't remind me of anything really.  They're kinda cute.  The ears on the one on the left make me think of Shrek's ears.  This looks like it could be from some kid's animated show or movie.

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Sketching with Dogs said...

I really hope you hear something soon about a good job that you like. It must be very frustrating waiting. How rude of the radio station, bet you were better than the other person ;)
The thought of public speaking makes me want to scream and hide under the floorboards, LOL.
Lynne x

The Daily Pip said...

Sorry, the job search is moving slowly. Stick with it and I'm sure the perfect job is right around the corner.

I am the world's worst public speaker. I pretty much hate it. Ugh.

Finn said...

I know the job market is tough - don't despair! We are hoping you land something awesome real soon.
We hadn't heard from our Christmas in July partner - we hope our pressies are on their way? We forget who had us!
Those blue rhinos are scary! LOL

SWMNBN said...

I big time owe you a cover letter.... forgive me. The last two weeks blew up at work and it has been out of control chaos. I have a Brief I NEED to get done tomorrow morning and then I will just sit down and do this. So sorry my friend :(

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